Working Out Too Much: Overtraining Addiction

Working Out Too Much: Overtraining Addiction

Regular exercise is important to everyone. It simply helps you manage your weight and boost your mental health. Aside from that, you get to lower your risk of developing certain diseases like cancer. It’s even beneficial for the body as it has the capacity to let you live longer.

However, too much of something isn’t a good thing at all. You may not be aware of it but you may already be overexerting yourself. It can be in the form of soreness to mood swings. Look into these symptoms to let you modify your current habits for a better condition. 

Yes, It’s Possible to Exercise Too Much—Here Are the Signs

We all know that regular exercise is essential. It can help you keep your weight in check, improve your mental health, and reduce your risk of developing certain cancers. Research even shows that vigorous workouts could help you live longer. Read more…

Natalie Gingerich says that you need to control your exercise habits and check if you’re already “addicted.” In our generation, we value things differently. People think that doing more gives them the edge. When it comes to working out, this can eventually lead to a serious matter.

You don’t have to let yourself get burned out because of your routine. We know you want to get leaner, stronger and healthier. You have to watch your exercise because you might be overdoing it and it may reverse these benefits.

How Much Is Too Much Working Out?

Do you work out every day and worry that you’re “addicted?” Well, let’s ask another question: Do you skip social events for an intense sweat session? Or how about being so sore or injured that you get less out of taking your favorite class? If the answers are yes, you’re probably a classic overdoer.” Read more…

Megan Roop from MindBodyGreen shares these 12 signs if your exercise is too much for your body to handle. People get motivated because they’re challenged by the activity or they simply want to this because they want to maintain a good fitness condition.

On the other hand though, there are people who fell under the spell of overtraining. Their relationship towards exercise has become harmful and not at all healthy. Notice them using these signs.

12 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

For many people, getting motivated to exercise is either incredibly challenging or just something they do easily because they love to stay healthy. However, a small percentage of people struggle with exercising too much. Read more…

Find out more about the negative effects of too much exercise from Newsy Science:

If you’re able to come up with a better way to manage your exercise routine already, and you think that you’re back on track, it may be a good thing to have brand new workout gear to celebrate your success.

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