Listen Up: The Myth About Lifting Weights

Listen Up: The Myth About Lifting Weights

Emily Skye gives us tips about the kind of workout that gives her that ultimate body. Would you believe that she doesn’t require endless hours of cardio? The thing is, Skye rarely ever does pure cardio. Most of her workouts are circuits: a combination of high-intensity intervals in weight lifting and body-weight strength exercises.

She says that the most effective way to torch fat is weight lifting. This means that she doesn’t need to do cardio to get her into great shape. If it’s a strength workout, you’re playing with your metabolism here. It continues to burn even up to two days after your session at the gym. This is the best effect that weight-lifting has.

Ladies, we know what you’ll ask next. You’re not going to get all manly. Please believe us. It’s going to take you endless training, food, and supplements before you actually get a form like The Hulk. Skye says it’s not just going to happen accidentally. Deliberate training and diet and supps make you gain a lot of muscle.

Emily Skye Debunks the Biggest Myth About Lifting Weights

Being as fit as Emily Skye doesn’t require hours and hours of cardio. In fact, Skye very rarely does straight-up cardio. The vast majority of her workouts are circuits that combine high-intensity intervals with weight lifting and body-weight strength exercises. Read more…

The Daily Burn has the same opinion about weightlifting. You won’t believe all the conflicting information about it. It’s easy to get viral especially when everyone thinks they’re trainers.  Moreover, it gets difficult to sort through fact from fiction. Now, it’s time for you to be well-informed when it comes to debunking various myths so you can be aware the next time you lift those weights.

Top number 1 myth: weights will make you bulk up. Rachel Cosgrove, CSCS, says that women get hesitant in starting a weightlifting program because of this. If you’re not consuming tons of calories, your muscle will only grow to a healthy, normal level that is even beneficial to your metabolism. What it does is that it increases your metabolic system. It’s not easy to grow humongous muscles as what most women think.

In order for you to get a leaner physique, lifting weights and proper nutrition should do the trick. Check out more of these here:

The 8 Biggest Myths About Weightlifting — Debunked

Conflicting information about weightlifting is as easy to come by at the gym as faux tans and tank tops. And when everybody thinks they’re a trainer, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction (hence: the growing field of “broscience”). Read on for the truth about common muscle myths, so you can be better informed next time you head to the weight rack. Read more…

Breaking Muscle discusses the top two myths about women and lifting weights. It’s like no matter how much information we present, this is something that’s similar to an undying folklore. It lives and the stories get passed on to the next person who’s unaware of the truth.

Tip number 1: there’s really no form of training or tool that will change the form of your muscle. It’s really up to genetics to decide that one. Any other exercise is really not going to do the trick. On the other hand, you can change the muscle size and thebody fat levels through training. The most important part in this case is diet. Be as lean as you can be and take note of the things that you put in your body.

Remember, the best thing to do when you’re on a diet is not eating crappy food in the first place. A cheeseburger has 308 calories and you’d have to run for half an hour just to burn those cals. Find out more about these tips here:

2 Myths About Women And Weight Lifting Debunked

It’s long been female gym folklore that to get lean you do high repetitions with a light load to “tone and shape,” while at the same time telling those looking to get bigger that they need to lift heavy. Let’s look at a few misconceptions around this advice. Read more…

Take a look at this interactive video from PictureFit. It tackles: “Should Women Lift Weights? (Women Lifting Heavy Weights – Good or Bad?)” 

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