Prevent Weight Loss Rebound: You Can Stop This From Happening

Men’s Fitness says that you can definitely stop gaining pounds while taking note of these experts’ tips. After waiting for some time, you’ve finally reached your goal. You kept losing pounds and you finally got what you wanted. Take just a short moment to savor this victory.

The next step is to formulate a way how you can actually maintain it. Long-term results are more important than short-term goals. It’s not going to be easy. According to experts, only 20 percent of dieters actually reach their desired goal and maintain it. Don’t be discouraged just yet. It’s not an impossible feat – you just need to bear the challenges.

10 Ways To Prevent A Rebound

To help you become a member of the elite crew of long-term losers, we scoured medical journals and spoke with top weight loss experts to pull together a list of easy ways to keep away the pounds. Pick a few of the tips that you think you’ll be able to follow and vow to stick to them for life. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness talks about the biggest mistake when people try to lose extra pounds. In order to stop that from happening, you can practice these five rules to prevent gaining more. When you’ve slimmed down, it may be hard to retain the results.

No matter how hard it is though, you just need to pull through. They said that Biggest Losers winners ended up bigger than when they started. Why is this happening though? The one responsible is actually the contestants’ metabolism. It slows down as they lose weight for the show. How can we prevent the same thing from happening? Here are the five rules:

5 Rules To Prevent Weight Gain

Once you hit your goal weight, do you take the pedal off the gas? “Okay, I lost this weight, now I’m going to go back to doing what I did before.¡± You need to abolish the short-term diet mindset, and focus more on making this a permanent lifestyle change that¡¯s part of your identity. Read more… talks about a simple program that you can use how to keep the weight off. A lot of people still wonder about the secrets to keep the weight off. There are those who had lost a bunch of weight but ended up gaining everything back. Other cases even claim they gain even more compared to their original size. What’s happening here?

The strategy that you use to keep the extra pounds at bay really matter. You have to avoid traps along the way and you can check these three big tips to manage weight. Get long-term results in the end:

How to Keep the Weight Off

Yesterday I posted about how my hubby Jack has lost 50 pounds since we met. A lot of people ask me how he’s managed to keep it off; especially people who have also experienced significant weight loss but wound up gaining it all back. The truth is the tactics he uses to keep pounds at bay are the same ones he used to lose the weight, and the same ones I use to prevent weight gain. Read more…

Get Lean in 12 talks about Diets That Work: 3 Crucial Strategies To Make Your Diets Work (Prevent Rebound Weight Gain):

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