Transporter Tote Bag

Fitmark Transporter Tote: Review


Aside from being a cute bag, NASM certified fitness trainer Kaitlyn Kenna said that the Firmark Transporter Tote is a handy all-purpose bag that you can tug along for all your basic needs for school or gym workouts – even both.

The Transporter Tote comprises of several compartments where you can fit a couple of books and stuff for school, while easily packing in your basic workout gear for a side trip to the gym.

This tote also comes with a functional Meal Management bag that can fit a couple of high –protein lunch or meal preparations in their free oversized air-tight food containers and shaker bottle.

Kaitlyn said that the Transporter Tote eliminates the need to carry multiple bags, especially when commuting and avoid the inconvenience of carrying several bags all at once, since you could basically fit all you need for your day of school, gym and meals.

The Fitmark Transporter Tote is an all-in-one bag that can be used as a gym bag and travel bag. It comes with a trademarked BOX SM Meal Management Bag, complete with 2 seal-tight BPA-free dishwasher and microwave-safe containers and 2 TSA approved Ice Packs.

The main compartments are made of durable high grade nylon with anti-microbial lining material, with shoulder straps made of quality high- grade nylon webbing that would last for a long time.