Train Your Entire Core To Get Good Ripped Abs

Train Your Entire Core To Get Ripped Abs

Train your entire core by strategically taking advantage of all the ideal core-strengthening exercises so that you can have those amazing abs in no time.

Train your core the right way

If you are a beginner, it is better to understand the dynamics behind the core muscles. Hate to burst your bubble, but it is more than just the abs, which is often misunderstood as one and the same.

The core is a network of muscles that surrounds the lower torso of the body and becomes the center of strength for the entire physique. The main muscle network is located just below the diaphragm down to the hamstrings.

In short, it is the intricate web that makes up the muscle group of the core that differentiates it from the abs.

Stability is key

When you aim to get those six pack abs, you need to be aware that targeting the right muscle groups are important. How to tell if your workout is for strength conditioning or for developing strategy.

If you start to notice that your spine is moving when working out, then your body is strengthening, but when you see the spine not doing anything and is just holding on in the same position, then it is the indication of ideal core stability.

Start to crawl

It creates a cross sectional pattern that starts as the foundation for almost every athletic activity. Ideally, it works the entire torso region with doing the crawl exercises to train your core.

It engages all of the muscle networks that can give you a total body workout. It follows the same principle as the plank and helps you optimize your capacity to start burning fat and engaging more muscle for recovery and growth.

Use a Bosu

A Bosu is a balance trainer device that looks like a half portion of a circle (more like half of a large medicine ball.) It establishes instability which is good for engaging muscles in the body when using it because the key is to make sure that you establish balance when using it.

Balancing side plank

Place the Bosu dome side-up and place a hand at the center of the device with arms straight. Pivot to one side as you extend both legs away from the Bosu and stack the knees, ankles and hips to maintain balance on the hands and the outside of the bottom foot then lift the hips in line with the head and the heels. Hold the position for 10 seconds the repeat several times.

Slow Mo leg lower

With the Bosu dome side up and placed a foot or two in front of a firm object like a bench or couch. With the small of the back, lie on the top center and reach up overhead with both hands to take hold of the sturdy object of the device.

Bring the legs straight up over the hips and engage them together then slowly lower both legs to the floor and reaching out as far as you can. Raise both legs back to the starting position.

Additional moves

Other than the Bosu workouts, here are some follow-up moves that you can integrate to your core workouts.

Kneeling front press

Fix one end of a resistance band to a rack on your side and kneel on the floor. Extend the hips up to form a straight line from shoulder to knee. Engaging the glutes and core, press the band forward and maintain a straight path for both hands in front of the chest. Pause for a moment then return to the original stance. Perform for 10 reps then switch to the other side.

Kneeling front raise

Assume the simllar starting position as the one above. Bring the band upward over the head and lower it in an arch to your legs. Engaging the core, make sure to resist twisting towards the band. Do ten reps then switch to the other side.

Kneeling hip extension

Start with the same kneeling position. Press the band out in front and lock your elbows in place. Slowly sit the ips until the glutes touch the heels of your feet then extend the hips back up. Make sure the band is always at the center and arms are always parallel to the floor.

Press on Swiss Ball

Lay your back on a Swiss Ball and begin to step forward until the head and shoulders touch the ball. Bridge the hips until the torso is parallel to the floor, Grab the band on your side and pull it towards the center of your boy, then do 10 presses.

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