Reasons Why You Should Train With Parallette Bars

Reasons Why You Should Train With Parallette Bars

Equinox discusses why so many trainers like this tool. These bars are so great that they provide a different approach in bodyweight training. If you want to build a powerful body, take this tip from gymnasts. Lifting your own weight and moving it around means you’ve got to have enough stamina and strength.

When you use parallettes, you get to experience gymnastics-inspired training without defying gravity. Chris Chang used P bars in college to train for his pole-vaulting exercises. He is a Tier 3 trainer at Equinox New York’s 53rd Street location. Serena Tom, on the other hand, is a recent convert. She is a New York City-based yoga instructor.

Chang said that it is essential for shoulder and core strength. It also helped him learn how to flow from one move to another. Tom said that it helped her enhance her yoga practice as it improved her body control.

Why Trainers Love Parallettes

To build a powerful body that moves as well as it looks, take a training cue from some of the fittest athletes in the world: gymnasts. Lifting your own weight and moving it around an apparatus takes serious muscle stamina and strength. And with parallettes you can get the benefits of gymnastics-inspired training without defying gravity. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness talks about improving your abs and your core muscles using a certain exercise. The L-Sit is the secret to getting stronger and shredded. This is a deceptively challenging move that can blast your triceps and abs.

A gymnast shows well-formed triceps and abs. These gymnasts don’t lift weights. However, they make sure that they use their body weight as resistance. It may be hard to imitate their movements but there is one exercise that you can execute. This can hit your abs and your triceps.

You might say that it’s pretty easy when you look at these pictures but it’s pretty deceiving. The move is brutal and it can take a lot of your strength. Though this is the case, it’s totally worth it because of the benefits that you can get.

Master The L-Sit To Get Stronger And Shredded

They do, however, use their own body weight as resistance, and while it would be difficult to replicate many of the gymnasts’ signature moves in a conventional gym, there is one you can do that will target your triceps and abs like no other exercise: the L-sit. Read more…

Men’s Fitness shows that these are the five must try moves with parallette bars. This is a pretty affordable piece of equipment. You don’t have to be a gymnast in order to reap the strength training benefits. All you need is the tool and some space at home.

The ultimate benefit is that you get elevated off the ground. This leads to a deeper range of motion during movements. There are five exercises to choose from, from the easiest to the hardest.

The first one: Dips. You have to start the move by ensuring that your elbows are locked out and your feet are on the ground. Then, lower your hips toward the floor. Press back up. If you want to make it more challenging, elevate your feet on a bench or a medicine ball.

Get Big: 5 Must-Try Moves With Parallette Bars

YOU DON’T HAVE to be a gymnast to take advantage of the strength training benefits that you can accomplish with parallel bars. In fact, you don’t even need access to a gymnastics gym—just purchase a pair of parallettes (little parallel bars) for your home gym. For about $50 you can buy a pair of wooden parallettes. Read more…

Calisthenicmovement shows us a video about the Parallette Training for Beginners:

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