strengthen multiple muscle groups

Mountain Climber Moves Strengthen Multiple Muscle Groups

The movement and position of the body, as well as the physical effort exerted in doing the mountain climber exercise not only serve to strengthen multiple muscle groups, it also adds a good cardiovascular workout to promote a healthy heart.

Ideal routine to strengthen multiple muscle groups, including the heart:

Cardiovascular benefits – the routine makes the body work to provide working tissues with oxygen and fuel as it increases breathing and the heart rate, aside from the fact that it speeds up the burning of calories to aid in weight loss.

Power and strength training- It helps develop muscles in the lower body due to the explosive nature of the workout, which is why it is one of the most popular warm up routines that help improve speed and neuromascular performance.

Core stability and strength – the routine helps tighten the core muscles and helps stabilize the muscle groups associated with core strength. 

Basic mountain climber routine

Start the exercise by lying face down on the floor, straighten out the arms as you touch the knees down to the ground. Lift yourself up into position and be sure that the hands are directly under the chest and the width slightly wider than shoulder level.

Once you have settled into position, keep the legs stretched out and make sure they are properly aligned with the rest of the body. Make sure that there is no gap between the knees and make sure to maintain a correct position.

Stretch the left leg for stability as you bend the right knee to bring it up to the direction of the right hand. By then you are already in a position similar to one climbing up a tree.

As you bring the right knee up, make sure to return to the original position and do the same step with the left leg

You can up the ante by doing more repetitions with the hands placed atop a raised platform.

To maximize the impacts of the workout, make sure to do at least three sets with 12 to 15 repetitions for every set.

To be able to optimize the impacts of your mountain climber routine, make sure to maintain a proper angle and ensure that there is proper weight distribution between the torso, hips and knees.

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