Sprinting For Fat Loss

Sprinting For Fat Loss: Workouts That Help You Lose Weight

Oxygen Magazine tells us that you can sprint and sprint until you achieve your fat-loss goals. You don’t have to be fast as the world-class sprinters from the Summer Olympics. Just to achieve a lean body like theirs would be great, right?

Let’s plan your fat-loss goals and incorporate this workout in order to get the body that you want. Check the expert’s advice how to successfully lose the fat using sprinting:

Sprint to Your Fat-Loss Goal

To find out, editors in the Oxygen office tapped the expertise of exercise physiologist John Babraj, Ph.D., of Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. Here, he provides five considerations for sprint-centric cardio workouts. Read more…

Built Lean says that sprinting is an intense movement that makes you even feel accomplished. It’s really a feat to achieve: an Olympic sprinter can cover 100-meters in less than 10 seconds. That is quite something. It only means that an individual exerts real energy, power, and focus. 

Another side to this move is that it can act as a great fat-burning stimulus after execution. It’s got an incredible effect on your metabolism. Check out the great benefits of this workout here: 

30-Minute Sprint Workout To Burn Fat & Boost Speed

While sprinting is anaerobic work (without oxygen), because your work output surpasses your ability to provide oxygen to your muscles, you end up winded for minutes after those 10-seconds. What this means is you’ll be burning calories and fat for hours after your workout (the afterburn effect), not just during. Read more…

Simply Shredded recommends cranking it up a notch using sprint training. This high intensity training can be associated with a physique that’s real solid. Strength coach Erick Minor has a great program included in the article.

Even bodybuilders ought to sprint and it’s such wasted opportunity that only a few still do it. This is an excellent fat burning activity that can build your muscle tissue. Take heed of the advice found here: 

Crank It Up: Sprinting Towards Single Digit Body Fat Percentages With High Intensity Training

It’s one of the few fat burning activities that can actually build muscle tissue instead of catabolizing it, and it’s easy to do; just find a track and run! Well, and maybe read this first… Read more…

Take a look at this video from BuiltLean and check this Interval Training Sprint Workout For Fat Loss:

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