Why would you even bother leaving your place to watch a game when you can just make these snacks at home? These recipes came from foodie, Jodie Moreno of What's Cooking Good Looking.

Foods Better Than Your Regular Sports Bar Grub

Why would you even bother leaving your place to watch a game when you can just make these snacks at home? These recipes came from foodie, Jodie Moreno of What’s Cooking Good Looking.

You can start with Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Skins. These aren’t your usual potato skins in bar menus. What makes this one special is the perfect combination of salty, spicy, and nutty flavors. If you’re having a game night party, you can definitely put this one on your list.

Want something special for dessert? Take a look at the recipe for Salted Dark Chocolate Bark. We know you people like cake and pie just fine. But this one’s just extraordinary. Melt high-quality dark chocolate and simply add hazelnuts, coconut and sesame seeds. You got yourself a classy dessert.

If you want more, check out the rest of the list:

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Real Simple gives us this awesome guide to making quick super-bowl appetizers. If you’re planning on watching the game with your family or your friends, then the foods here should be on top of your list.

These tasty and delicious snacks will give you the edge. Let’s take the first example here: Guacamole and Chips. The ever favorite and the ever present guac and chips combo. You rely too much on store-bought guacamole. We’ll make sure that you never do that again once you learn how to make the fresh dip.

If you want a wide range of options for your appetizers, we’ve got more. We have recipes for Barbecue Chicken Nachos, Barbecue Meatball Sliders and Sausage Sliders With Spinach and Peppers. This will complete your party!

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Delish talks about the healthy snacks and appetizers to keep your friends full during the game. You might all be thrilled and feeling all the intensity, so here are list of foods that you can make to make your party even better.

Not fond of zucchini? Well, this one might just change your mind. Deep-fried zucchini sticks are so good you might even want to eat a whole plate. These are great with ranch dressing. Go ahead and pair them both for a winning combo!

How about Sunchoke Chips With Warm Blue-Cheese Dip? Anyone up for rich flavors? This one’s for you if you’re totally into chips and dip. It’s just the perfect snack for a game session.

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Food Network Canada shares the 5 Finger Foods For Your Fabulous Party!

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