Beware: Smartphones Sabotaging Your Fitness

Beware: Smartphones Sabotaging Your Fitness

You might not be fully aware of it but it’s totally possible. Smartphones sabotaging your fitness is just one of those situations that you need to avoid.

We can’t argue about the effectiveness of smartphones in getting us organized in our daily routines. The functions range from ordinary tasks to planning our workouts.

These are considered as valuable tools in achieving fitness goals. For example, it can download apps that suggest healthy meal plans. Another thing is that they have apps that can count steps, play exercise videos and other workout-related functions.

You can connect with workout buddies and coaches as well. However, one research suggests that it may not be effective if you’re fiddling with your phone during your workout. There are reasons why you might have to leave your device alone. Simply texting or talking while working out tampers with your balance and intensity.

The new study was published in the journal Performance Enhancement & Health. They discovered that texting during exercise impacts balance and stability by 45%. Check out the details of the report here:

How Your Smartphone Ruins Your Workout

Smartphones can be a valuable tool for getting fit. They can count steps, play fitness videos, help us track our progress and connect us with workout buddies and coaches, both real-life and virtual. But when it comes to phone use during a workout, recent research suggests a few reasons to leave your device alone: Texting or talking on the phone while exercising can worsen your balance and workout intensity, according to recent research. Read more… discusses the report further. If you want your workout to be effective, you’ve got to turn off your devices and focus on your workload. Why is that necessary? Let’s find out:

Using your phone can definitely alter your postural stability according to the study. Your attention gets divided into two tasks and it can alter your stability. This can lead individuals to risks such as falls and musculoskeletal injuries. This is according to Michael Rebold, the assistant professor at Hiram College in the US.

This was the first study to correlate the effects of cellphone use to postural stability. It was conducted on 45 college subjects. Phone use can increase the negative effect on your balance when you perform every day activities.  They discovered that merely talking on your device while executing your workout routines reduces your stability by 19 percent. The researchers also factored in listening to music while working out. The results show that it had to significant effect. 

Researchers Advise Turning Off Smartphones During Workout Sessions

Want to get every perk possible from your power walk? Turn off your smartphone, suggests a new study which found that talking or texting on a cell phone during exercise lowers the intensity of a workout and affects balance. Michael Rebold, assistant professor at Hiram College in the US found that cell phone texting and talking can have a negative effect on one’s balance during everyday activities. This is the first known study to examine the effects of cell phone use on postural stability. Read more…

Net Doctor.UK says you might be bored out of wits because of your exercise sequence. It’s not a good reason for you to text your friends or watch videos while doing your moves. Just like what was emphasized earlier, it doesn’t have a good effect on your posture. Consistent mobile use increases your risk of accidents on the treadmill and causing injury.

Keep it to a minimum in order to improve your balance. Though the study was only conducted in a small population, the researchers say that the results are important to other activities that are done outside of the gym. This implies that there’s a great need for people to be more cautious of combining device use and exercise.

Your Smartphone Could Be Ruining Your Workout

No matter how tempting it is to pass the time on a treadmill by texting friends, watching videos on your smartphone or answering a call, new research suggests that it’s probably best to keep mobile use to a minimum – or risk taking a tumble. Exercise scientists recently discovered that texting or chatting away on the phone – mid exercise – may worsen your balance and make your workout less intense. Read more…

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