Fitmark Shield LG: Practical Meal Management Solution

Fitmark Shield LG: Practical Meal Management Solution

Germany-based fitness trainer Peter from ReviewsOnAnything provided an expert opinion on the Shield LG is by far the best meal management solution for trainers on the go, saying that this is a fantastic and practical bag that is ‘amazing and well worth your money.”

Equipped with adequately-sized side pockets line with flexible net mesh, it can hold a full-sized shaker for protein drinks as well as a couple of fruits, like apples or pears, on the other pocket.

The main compartments are easily customizable to fit in a variety of food container sizes to suit your meal management needs, plus special compartments that could hold reading materials, ice packs and individually- packed protein and nutrient bars on the go.

It also has a fully-cushioned front pocket to hold cellphones or other sensitive electronic gadget to prevent it from damage due to accidental bumps or nudges.

Peter also said that the bag is adequate enough to carry a full set of meals if you are travelling for a full day without getting concerned of food getting spilled inside its air-tight sealed meal containers.

It also comes with airline-approved ice packs to allow food to stay in fresh during long hauls.

“Overall this is a fantastic, practical and worry-free meal management solution.” Peter added.