basic rules of strength training

Basic Rules Of Strength Training For Fitness

The basic rules of strength training not just helps you adapt to your training program in preparation from competition, but it brings with it practical wisdom on how to keep yourself fit while at the same time keeping out of harm’s way.

Basic rules of strength training starts from the beginning

Knowledge is important and the awareness of the basic foundations for physical fitness and muscle-building is crucial to be able to optimize the effects of your workouts.

As a matter of fact, just going through the basic rules of strength training you already get an overall picture of what your body needs to do and what areas of focus you should be working one.

Rule No. 1: Joint Flexibility

Using a full range of motions, it is ideal for the body to develop good joint flexibility. This does not just make the body limber and versatile for any workout routine, but it does ensure that the body is safe from harm.

Remember to always take careful consideration about joint flexibility. Take good care of the joints as well. Ensure that you have adequate stretching exercises during training days and prioproceptive neuromascular facilitation to enhance flexibility and muscle recovery after training.

Rule No. 2: Tendon and ligament strength

If you focus too much on muscle development, you may as well provide good attention to your ligaments and tendons as well. Take note that most injuries occur in the ligaments and tendons and here’s another fact, muscles develop faster than ligaments and tendons.

They both develop through anatomical adaptation as a result of training. Without that conditioning process, they can easily get injured. Training them properly and consistently increase the diameter and makes them able to withstand tearing and tension.

Rule No. 3: Core strength

No, they’re not just the abs.The core’s muscle network is actually the broadest muscle network of the body which starts from the lower part of chest that goes all the way to the back, then down to the top of the knees that include the hamstrings then all around to the gluteus maximus. It makes up the lower torso of the body.

Developing good core strength is essential in ensuring a more stable body and getting the right core workouts does not just only give you shredded abs, but also a more stable body structure and helps promote good overall strength and endurance.

Rule No. 4: Stabilizers

These are the fixator muscles and contract isometrically in order to immobilize a part of the body so that another part can move. As it is aptly called the stabilizers need to be properly take care of in order to provide the maximum about of stabilization possible. Properly caring for these muscle groups also prevent you from harm or injury.

Rule No. 5: Focus on movement, not individual muscles

It is important in strength training develop what is called muscle memory and are also key components to training efficiency.

Although muscle training is accepted as a muscle building workout, it goes differently for strength training where strength is more developed through consistent muscle movement until the develops the muscle to grow and build more strength.

Multi-joint exercises are among the most ideal workouts for strength training.

Rule No 6: Focus on what is necessary, not new

Make no mistake, there may be no hard and fast rule when it comes to shifting into new routines or programs, but always think of this reminder that strength is developed through consistent work. This means that focusing on what is necessary make you feel more fulfilled as it can give you your desired results in the long run, instead of just reaping the benefits in the short term.

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