Resistance Band Fitness Can Give You Surprising Results

Resistance Band Fitness Can Give You Surprising Results

Resistance band fitness can give you a lot of benefits, aside from almost similar effects you get from gym workouts, you to have so much more from these bad boys.

Resistance band fitness benefits

It may look like a simple piece of long elastic band with grip handles, but it does give you a ton of benefits- both practical and healthy.

Cost way, way less than regular gym equipment

Resistance bands are relatively inexpensive compared to your usual gym equipment, you can get your own resistance bands for $10, which are far more affordable compared to hundreds of dollars for a good set of weights.

High quality brands that can be had for less than $100, but no matter what the cost it can get the job done and get you the results you need.

Variable fitness levels

Resistance bands are adaptable to almost all types of fitness levels. It is more convenient than working out with cumbersome gym equipment and offer you a wide range of fitness levels from beginner to advanced experts.

Resistance bands come in different varieties and often provide variable fitness settings, more resistance by tightening and reduce resistance by adding slack. Want to up the ante? You can also use multiple bands depending on your preferences.

Sustained effectiveness

Resistance bands sustain the momentum and effectiveness of contracting muscles. Here’s one good example. Doing your regular bicep curls with free weights gives you the muscle tension needed with the weight, but as it reaches a certain apex to the tension applied and you breeze through from there.

With resistance bands, you still get to have enough tension all throughout the movement as the band continues to provide the resistance for the move.

Compatible with most workouts

Whether you are into Crossfit, Tabata, free weights, weightlifting and more, resistance bands can bring the most out of your exercise routines that will give you a bigger bang for your buck.

Resistance band routines

The enormity of the possibilities in using resistance bands for fitness is, in fact, endless and if you want to pinch some pennies to save up for the rainy days or to buy something you’ve wanted to have, then resistance band fitness training is for you.

Circle crunch

Create a loop in the middle and wrap around the thighs just slightly above the knees the lie on the floor with your hands behind the head. Bring your elbows out with both legs lifted and the knees bent approximately 90 degrees.

Curl your upper body and do circles with the upper body in a counterclockwise direction as you press the thighs outward.

Perform 10 circles without lowering the upper body, then switch directions.

Bow and arrow pull

Stand with the feet together as you hold each end of the band. Extend your arms in front at shoulder level wirh pals facing each other. Lunge backward with the right leg as you bend both knees to 90 degrees and with the left hand extended drive your right elbow straight behind to tighten the band and the upper body rotating to the right.

Repeat the same steps as you switch sides. Perform 10 reps.

Resist a chop

Loop a band in each of the calves and stand with the other leg in front. Clasp both hands and extend both arms overhead. Squat slightly as you bring down the arms and across the body then towards the hip, as you rotate the body to one side.

Switch positions and do 10 reps

Loop lift

With the loop wrapped around the calves, stand with both feet width apart and with the right hand on the hip. Squat down and keep the knees behind the toes and touch the left fingertips to the floor. Switch sides and do 10 reps.

Back Zip

Wrap one loop each arrant your wrists and stand with the legs and heels together with feet pointed out by at least 45 degrees. Extend both arms to the front at shoulder level with elbows slightly bent outwards. Squeeze the glutes as you press arms out to the sides and stretching the band as far as you can while keeping the shoulders down the hold the maxed stretch for two seconds the return to starting position.

Perform 15 reps 

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