Reasons Why Eggs Rule

Reasons Why Eggs Rule

Flex Online talks about the benefits that you can get from eating eggs. It can surely improve your cardiovascular function, based on a recent study.

Medical practitioners have been telling us that eggs tend to push our cholesterol levels higher. In return, it makes us susceptible for developing heart diseases. A lot of experts advise us to limit or avoid egg consumption as much as possible. This is because of its potential to raise blood cholesterol levels.

However, the new study claims that whole-egg consumption partnered with moderately controlled carbohydrate diet led to improved cardiovascular profiles in subjects with insulin resistance. Check out the results here:

Egg-citing Results!

For decades, doctors have been telling people that eggs can increase cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease. Medical experts advised limiting or completely avoiding the consumption of eggs (especially yolks), because dietary cholesterol could potentially raise blood cholesterol levels, therefore increasing the risk of heart problems. Read more…

Runtastic discusses nutrition and eggs. Another study backs up its benefits: egg eating subjects lost 65 percent more weight than bagel eaters. Moreover, there were no negative effects on the cholesterol levels: the reason is that when our calorie consumption is high, the body lowers its own cholesterol production.

It hasn’t been proven yet so we can’t blame people if they stick to the old wisdom. However, just to set the point right, check out what nutrition expert, Christian Putscher has to say about this.

Weekly healthy egg consumption does not have an actual number. Based on experts, it really depends on people’s tolerance. For overweight people, one egg per day should be good.  For athletes or healthy individuals, 3-4 eggs are recommended, so long as they like eating it and they can tolerate it.

A Nutrition Expert Tells You All About Eggs & Fitness

The egg-eating individuals lost 65% more weight and 35% more belly fat than the bagel-eaters. At the same time, no negative effects on the cholesterol levels of group 2 were found. The reason: If we consume lots of cholesterol with our food, the body reduces its own (endogenous) cholesterol production. Read more…

 Muscle and Fitness talks about the reasons why we need to stock our pantries with eggs. As if we need more reasons, right?

Eggs were shunned because it was thought to be super unhealthy. People didn’t want to risk increasing their cholesterol levels. Aside from that, adverts from different food companies didn’t help either.

However, things have changed nowadays. This food is packed with rich and nutritious content that it can even aid your goal in muscle growth and burning fat. This is the most complete source of protein and it is highly appreciated by your average athlete to the professional bodybuilding champs.

4 More Reasons To Load Up On Eggs

In the past, eggs have gotten bad press because of their cholesterol and fat content. Advertising still abounds claiming that the “healthy option” is a breakfast sandwich made with egg whites—reconstituted or synthetic egg proteins. Read more…

Why Eggs Are Critical In A Bodybuilding Diet by Jim Stoppani

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