The Right Way To Use Phones At The Gym

Bringing your phone to the gym can seriously mess up your gains. Men’s Fitness warns that balance, exercise intensity and inter-gym relationships might plummet.

We understand that you sorta need to check in from time to time because you’re so busy with your life. Busy guys have Insta photos to edit, messages to respond to, and Tinder profiles to check. However, if your aim is to get a solid workout, you have to leave your phone in your locker. It’s not going to do you any good. Let’s analyze.

You might be one of those people who scroll on Instagram when doing sets at the squat rack. Hey, dude. Look behind you. There are probably 3 or more people waiting in line just to use it but you’re taking too long. Oh wait, we’re sorry. Apparently, Instagram is more important.

Want greater gains? Don’t bring your phone to the gym.

LOOK, WE GET it: You’re a busy guy, and busy guys have Instagram photos to post, texts to answer, and Tinder profiles to peruse. But when it comes to getting a solid workout in, you’re probably better off leaving your phone in your locker. Read more…

DaveyWavey Fitness discusses the seven reasons why you need to stop using your devices at the gym. The thing is, we all have our share of gym pet peeves but using phones is just at the top of the list.

There are zombies standing in hallways or sitting on machines while texting, scrolling on Instagram, or just checking their feed on Twitter. It becomes a terrible habit because our inability to “disconnect” is just a big reflection that we aren’t able to sustain good focus.

You might want to read on and see the rest of the reasons why you need to stop this habit.

7 Reasons To Stop Using Your Phone At The Gym.

“We all have our fair share of gym pet peeves, but using smartphones at the gym absolutely takes the cake for me. I’m always astounded by the number of gym-goers/zombies standing in hallways or sitting on machines while texting, Tindering, checking Instagram or reading Buzzfeed.” Read more…

PopSugar gives us a piece of their mind and why we shouldn’t use cellphones when working out. FitSugar reader JessicaSmithTV says that you’re hurting your progress in your exercise routines when you bring these devices into the equation.

Mainly, using these devices can hurt your productivity and even your body! If you can split your attention between texting, talking while doing your moves, it might mean that you’re not working hard enough.

Performing an exercise would have to require the individual to establish a mind/body connection.  Using your gadgets seriously disrupts this connection. Check out the rest here:

From the Fit Community: Leave Your Phone at Home When You Work Out

FitSugar reader JessicaSmithTV wants you to know: you’re hurting your workout when you bring your cell phone into the equation. She shared her three reasons you should stay cell phone-free at the gym in our 10 Pounds Down! community group. Read more…

SP Training educates us How to Use Phones in the Gym:

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