No Time For Yoga? Not A Problem!

No Time For Yoga? Not A Problem!

Like most of us, this mom didn’t have the time to do yoga. She’s got two kids, which makes it challenging for her to do her own thing. Trying to balance everything might prove to be difficult if you add the realities of being a mother. In addition to that, it’s tougher if you have toddlers who aren’t familiar with the words, “alone time” yet.

Yogi Charity LeBlanc found the solution to this dilemma. What she did was quite simple. She does yoga with her kids. Her 5 and 2-year-old kids join her in her daily yoga routine. She’s proven that moms can do it. It is possible to find the time. LeBlanc started doing the exercise to get back in shape after giving birth to Oakley, her first child. Her kids loved watching her practice so when they were old enough, she let them practice the basics.

Yoga has helped her kids get busy. She says her son is learning to trust her and her daughter’s developing awesome motor skills. Both kids are learning how to be healthier while having fun.

This Mom Didn’t Have Alone Time to Do Yoga, So She Practices With Her Kids

It’s tough to balance working out with the realities of motherhood, especially if you have little kids who haven’t learned the meaning of “alone time” yet. But it’s not impossible, and yogi Charity LeBlanc proves it. Read more…

Wanderlust gives us the tips so we can finally make time for yoga. These are useful hacks that you can incorporate in your daily routine so you can finally run out of excuses.

It’s been proven that the benefits of yoga are too great. You can’t just let this one pass, right? It will be worth your time. However, people are usually pressed for time. What do we do? At-home morning practice, then. It can even be just one quick pose or a two-hour routine if you prefer to make the most out of the exercise.

A five-minute session of yoga can totally transform your entire day. It’s very important to consider the possibilities in the morning. If you choose yoga when you wake up, you are trying to center and keep yourself balanced for the rest of the day.

The Easiest Way to Make Time for Yoga

This can be as short as one quick pose or as long as a two-hour routine (Note: if you have two hours, I’m really jealous). My years as a yoga teacher and yoga student have taught me that even just five minutes of yoga in the morning can transform your entire day. You have five minutes in the morning, right? The morning is potent with possibility—we are a blank slate ready to absorb whatever we put in front of ourselves. If you choose yoga when you wake up, you center yourself for the rest of the day. Read more…

It’s easier if you’re living just by yourself. You feel like you have all the time in the world and no one can stop you from doing the things that you want to do. But what happens though when you start taking responsibility for other people? Things get a little rough and you suddenly find yourself swamped.

This is a period in someone’s life, and you’ll get to experience it one way or another. It may be because of another job or family obligations that you can’t let go of. It takes a lot of discipline to make things happen. When you want to focus on balance and relaxation, you can follow these steps to be productive in your life.

First, you have to allow space for the change. Second, don’t be too strict with yourself. You have to find your own balance and your own pace. Next to that, look for a place that keeps you and your yoga practice alive. Let yourself breathe.

Check out more tips below:

Time for Yoga?

Then I moved to the country, bought a house, started my own business, and had a baby! All in the span of less than 3 years!  Not only did I have to drive to get to a yoga class, I also had no Moksha Yoga within my area, (part of why I opened a studio J).   It did not seem very smart to be driving to work, driving home, driving back to yoga, hours a day in the car, just to get on my mat. I started a serious home practice, this took a ton of discipline, but it happened, and eventually I had a good home practice. Read more…

Mandy Reid shares this useful sequence:

If ever you got some free time to do outdoor yoga or attend a group class, get a bag that can accommodate your needs. Might need a bag that can carry your mat, and we’ve got just the right one for you.

With Fitmark’s Tote bags, you can be assured that all of your stuff can be stored properly. One good example of this is the Fitmark Namaste Tote. It’s a multi-purpose gym bag that makes it even appealing. It’s all around and you can practically carry it for your sessions.

Key features include a buckle that clamps your mat in, compartments to keep your water cool and storage space for your clothes.

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