Move Like A Gymnast

How To Move Like A Gymnast: Tips & Tricks

This is the Russian Dip, and it’s a great exercise for those who want muscle progression. It’s a new way for you to execute dips and makes it easier for you to move like a gymnast.

If it’s you first time, you’ve got to take care of your shoulders. You should warm-up properly before performing this exercise. You might want to add reps of traditional dips using a maxed out range of motion at the bottom.

During your first set, start at the top position. Then you can try a slight lean back on the next few reps. Progress 10-20 degrees further after each rep. Check out more tips here:

Tip: The Rolling Dip

Often referred to as a Russian dip, this exercise is great for anyone with aspirations of progressing to a muscle-up. It takes you through that awkward transition of being parallel with the bar to being over top of it. Read more…

Breaking Muscle suggests the hollow body hold as an excellent move. The last Olympic Games in Rio led to an awesome show of skills, power, and glory. Moreover, it was dominated by the U.S. men’s and women’s gymnastics teams. People’s interest in the sport only intensifies and you even start wondering how these Olympic athletes train.

It doesn’t start in the rings and the bars. It all starts in your body: strength starts to manifest when you have a strong and stable core. If you want to move just like these gymnasts, you have to develop a strong hollow body position. What does this mean? Check out how to build this position as well as the strategies involved.

Get the details here:

Master The Hollow Body Hold To Move Like A Gymnast

When the Olympic Games begin in Rio we will marvel at world-class athletes showcasing their skills as they compete for kin and country, medals and glory. The last few weeks brought the U.S. Olympic trials in gymnastics, where we got a taste of the strength, power, grace, and athleticism by our men’s and women’s gymnastics teams that we’ll see in Rio. Read more…

Men’s Health highly recommends these moves. Your body is going to undergo changes in terms of stamina, power and strength. You might not agree with this but gymnasts are considered as one of the strongest athletes in the word. Just take Andrew Speer, C.S.C.S., as an example. He is a former gymnast and owner of Speer Strength in New York City.

Did you know that he’s one of the lightest men to finish the Russian Kettlebell Challenge

“Beast Tamer” ? He had to execute a pistol squat, a single-arm press, and a pullup—each with a 48-kilogram (106-pound) kettlebell. He says that his success is all due to gymnastics training. It helped him in all aspects of fitness; it’s not all about building muscle and strength. He was able to combine stamina, stability, balance and power.

8 Gymnastics Moves You Must Add to Your Routine

Instead, it forced him to strive for a blend of stamina, stability, balance, power, and brawn. It turned him into the athlete he is today. (We’re pretty sure it helped him sculpt his six-pack, too.) Take a page from Speer’s training book by incorporating these 8 gymnastics movements into your own routine today. Read more…

Cody – Online Fitness Videos talks about the Gymnastics Strength Training Introduction with Olympic Gymnast Dave Durante

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