These Are The Mood Boosting Workouts For You!

These Are The Mood Boosting Workouts For You! talks to Emily Skye, the Australian Fitspiration. She’s a social media star and she just shared how she maintains a positive vibe and overall wellness. She lives an active and authentic lifestyle.

What’s even great is that she’s partnered with Health for our Love Your Strength challenge. This is a fitness program that can give you the best version of yourself. Check it out:

Emily Skye on Her Go-To Snacks, Favorite Mood-Boosting Workout, and Daily Fitspiration

Emily Skye is a new kind of fit chick. Here, the social media star shares her tips for body-positivity and overall wellness as part of Health’s Love Your Strength challenge. Read more…

Real Simple gives us the ultimate fitness exercise for enhancing your mood. If you want to be active, feel sharper, or just simply get happier, this is the right routine for you.

Science backs this up: if you’re feeling a little down, execute the upward dog pose. A 2010 study from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine checked the anxiety levels of individuals who perform yoga for an hour at least three times a week.

Yoga practice is associated with increased GABA, an amino acid that takes care of reducing anxiety. Check it out:

5 Mood-Boosting Workouts

Also, slow, deep yogic breathing increases oxygen flow, which leads to optimal functioning of all your organs—including your brain, according to Anita Herur, M.D., an assistant professor of physiology at S. Nijalingappa Medical College, in India. Read more… says that you can beat the blues! Exercise can be effective as a stress management technique while improving your health condition. For you to better understand how to combat stress, take a closer look what it does to your body.

It raises the cholesterol levels and affect cortisol levels as well. In other words, stress can take quite a toll on your body. Consider another option: exercise. This relieves tension and releases negative energy.

5 Mood-Lifting Exercises to Beat the Blues

Can you really run away from your problems? Is the power of exercise so strong that it should be considered an effective way to fight depression?  Well, I will go as far as to say that exercise is an effective and proven stress management technique, which can help an individual fight the blues, while improving general health. Read more…  

Check out this video from the FitnessBlender about Restorative Yoga Pilates Workout to Improve Mood and Circulation:


If ever you choose to do yoga to release stress, check out this sleek Namaste Tote from Fitmark. This is quite something. The bag’s appearance and function totally fits someone who likes to do this exercise.

With it’s great design, you can practically put all your yoga gear inside. It’s compartment is big enough to store your clothes and shoes. There’s no other bag that can even accommodate your yoga mat. 

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