Live Longer With Sports

Live Longer With Sports: The Top 3 Sports That Can Help Your Longevity tells us about what happened in the analysis. There were 80,000 people who participated in the survey. Racquet sports, swimming and aerobics were the top sports that can potentially extend a person’s life.

If you’re someone who’s interested in living an active and healthy lifestyle, pick one out of these three hobbies. You may just extend your lifespan and live a joyous life. Check out the details of the research here:

These 3 Sports May Help You Live Longer, Researchers Say

In an analysis of six sport and exercise categories, researchers found that people who pursued these activities actually lived longer than those who got their fitness on in other ways. Read more… says that these are the ultimate sports that can contribute greatly to your life. For certain people who value their time here on earth, doing these sports might just make a significant impact on your lifespan.

Those who want to live to a healthy old age may reach this goal if they choose from these three hobbies. There is a reduction in your risk of dying from all causes if you participate in any of these activities. That was a surprising result for the researchers.

For A Longer, Healthier Life, These Are The Sports You Should Play

That might be because people are younger when they run or play team sports such as soccer and many just stop exercising altogether once they “age out”, he said. And very few women played such team sports, the researchers noted. Read more…

Global News Canada says that these are effective hobbies that can effectively improve your quality of life. While we agree on the fact that not all exercises are created equal, which has the most potential in sustaining life?

The study tackled the survival rate of each participant and the duration was nine years. 8,790 people died from different causes and 1,909 died from cardiovascular conditions. 

The 3 Sports That May Help You Live Longer (And The Ones That Might Not)

The chance of death from any cause was 47 per cent lower among racquet sport players, 28 per cent lower among swimmers and 27 per cent among aerobics. Read more…

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