how you can benefit from cheat meals

Advantages Of The Occasional Cheat Meal

Of course, cheating does you no good in relationships, but do know that it can be good for something else – like your occasional cheat meals to add some spice into your diet routine and somewhat keep you sane in your quest for physical fitness.

In today’s fitness-crazed, diet-conscious world, many people often take that big step in moving towards a nutritionally-dense diet free of those cholesterol-laden, calorie-rich pleasures like steaks, ice cream, pizza and burgers, just to name a few.

At first you get to condition your mind to stay away from it, but as time passes, you start to crave for those well-loved gastronomic treats and find yourself gulping down half a gallon of your favourite ice cream brand or your plate meat lover’s pizza.

Experts agree that in order to go into a food remission, occasional cheating on your well-loved foods can be beneficial for you and here’s how.

Keeps you Motivated

Your mind can be your powerful enemy when it comes to your strict calorie-deprived diet, as it can tempt your body to crave for the tastes of food that you once loved. By occasionally treating yourself with moderate amounts of foods you love, you reward yourself and your brain produces your “reward” hormones that can even help you stay motivated in your regular workouts and diet.

Prevents Disordered Eating

A recent finding on studies where one is more prone to depression is a disorder called orthorexia, which is characterized by too much restriction on ‘unhealthy’ foods. It can even deprive the body of essential nutrients as the disorder dictates the mind to steer clear of any food that is deemed unhealthy. So go figure.

Improves Your Social Life

Once in a while, feel the need to be human again. Surveys have shown that fitness- targeted activities are sometimes too daunting for others that it keeps them away from you, especially if you focus too much on working out and staying fit, which could result to lowering the self-esteem of your friends who are not into fitness. Rekindling those relationships with a few slices of pizza or a bowl of mac and cheese during a Friday night out can do wonders.

Just make sure to keep track of those cheat instances so you are reminded that cheat meals should not put you back to your old eating habits.

Plan ahead. Know when you can fit in those cheat meals as you count your calories and do your workouts

Think about your meals, not your cheat days. Having too much of your cheat meals could result to a remission, so make sure to include it in your meal plans. 

Always stay conscious of your goals. You do not have to have your cheat meals all the time, just make sure stay focused and at the same time consider treating yourself to your pizza craving once in a while.

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