Your Level Of Personal Fitness: How Fit Am I?

Your Level Of Personal Fitness: How Fit Am I?

How fit am I would definitely be synonymous with questions related to diet and exercise, especially with how your body deals with its capacity for weight loss and gaining mass.

How fit am I really?

You feel happy seeing yourself sweat it out after several minutes of intense cardio like running or rowing, thinking that you are starting to feel the impacts of your regular workouts.

But are you sure of how you measure your health progress in response to your daily workouts and exercises?

It is a given that exercise is indeed good for the body, especially if you are aiming for changes or progress in your fitness quest. But understanding your weaknesses and strengths are also considerations that need to be addressed.

For one, it is aimed at preventing you from getting injured. You may think that a certain workout routine, albeit essentially good and beneficial can also cause you harm if not done properly or if you overdo it.

Fitness self-test

Try the following assessment tests to help you understand how you are faring in your daily workout routines.

Sitting and Rising Test (SRT)

This will help you assess your lower-body balance and mobility. The purpose of this is to determine how you are able to sit down and up from a seated position cross-legged. This is done 10 times and every successful round scores 1 point.

Cross your feet and start to lower yourself to a seated position, then stand up by reversing the process and focus on not losing your balance or touching the ground for support.

Each time any part of your body that touches the ground except your feet, you lose a point.

Aim to get no less than 8 points for this assessment.

Vertical jump

This is aimed to assess the power of your lower body. Start with both feet apart slightly wider than the hip. Pull your hips back and bend the knees, as you prepare to propel yourself upward.

Jump straight upward and land in the same position you started. An average clearance would be 15 inches for women, while man get to reach 20 inches off the ground. Do this 10 times.

Goblet squat

This will help assess your lower body strength. Start with the feet slightly wider than the hips and grab a kettlebell to bring to your chest level. Toes should be pointed straight forward or slightly out. Pull the hips back and bend the knees to lower down. Do 10 reps.

On average women would complete 10 reps for a 20 kilogram weight while men would complete 10 reps with 32 kilograms.

Push ups

Assesses your upper body strength. Assume a plank position with the hands slightly wider than the shoulders. Make sure you form a straight line from the shoulders to the hips. Bend the elbows and lower down to the floor. Prevent the body from making contact with the ground. An average person can master it in five minutes.

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