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Home Pilates Workout: Stay Active At Home With These Moves

Lauren Mazzo shares her home Pilates workout that will surely spice up your lazy days. We’ve had too many things to do and it involves just sitting for the most part. When we get to work, we sit in front the computer. When we commute, we do the same thing. When we get home, we still sit while watching our favourite shows on T.V.

Her routine includes quick five moves from Pilates ProWorks director of fitness Ellie Houston. These exercises promote blood circulation in your body and engage your core muscle after hours of being lazy. The thing about this routine is that you don’t need any fancy machine. You just have to find space and a solid wall.

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The Greatist team shares a little bit of Pilates history. This form aims to improve flexibility, strength and balance. It originated in the early 20th century when Joseph Pilates came up with a string of movements in order to help English veterans recover after World War I. Ever since, people have tried this practice to develop their posture, balance and core.

It’s one of the most convenient exercises. While some moves may require special equipment, mat sequences only need you to use your own bodyweight. This means you can definitely do this at home, while still getting the same benefits.

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Anna Maltby from Refinery29 says that Pilates is not a trend. More than 100 years have passed since it was first used as a form of physical therapy. This can be a challenging workout but it might be considered as a foundation of your movements especially when we’re talking about balance and strength.

Angilique Campbell, a New York City-based Pilates instructor explains that this kind of exercise is focused on strengthening your core, improve your endurance, heighten your flexibility and balance. Everyone can try this routine. It doesn’t even factor on your age and fitness ability. 

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Take a peek at this video from blogilates for POP Pilates for Beginners:

When you’re getting serious about working out, you might want to check a good bag for your Pilates equipment. If you’re trying to look for something where you can stash your mat and other workout necessities, The Fitmark Namaste Tote would be a great choice for you!

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