why guys should do yoga

Why Men Should Try Yoga For A Change

Yoga enhances physical flexibility by promoting the use of muscles in new ways, especially in men. Common physical activity involve the feet for running and walking, hands for playing ball, among others. But with yoga, the movements involve muscles moving in new patterns and ways that would enhance flexibility in movement and form.

Here are some of the reasons why guys should do yoga

But what if this is your first session? Worry not, as here are some practical ‘first-timer” tips;

Know what you are getting into. It may seem a bit tasking in taking the time to know what your class is all about or what you are planning to do. With yoga, you may want to do a little research to get to know some terms and history of yoga.

Prepare a headband. Although yoga may be involved mostly on body movements, it would be helpful to have a headband handy to wear during the yoga sessions as these involve a lot of perspiration that could sometime distract, especially when sweat gets into your eyes. Having a headband prevents this from happening.

Bring your own exercise mat. For hygiene and sanitary purposes, it’s better to have yours, rather than blame yoga for catching a skin disease due to common-use or unsanitary workout mats.

Focus on the workouts. This is one of the most popular workouts today and admit it, the one working out next to you could be your epitome of an ideal date that could cause you some untoward distractions and let you lose sight of your goals for the day. Clear your mind and focus on the work ahead.

Come in fully rested. Yoga is mostly done through body stretches and limbering exercises that sometimes could stress the muscles, joints and extremities. A stressed body could more likely be hurting instead of conditioning.

Don’t be overzealous. These workouts may be exciting, but it does not mean that you have to extend more effort to do extra repetitions than what is prescribed, especially since yoga is more isometric, rather than eccentric or concentric. Extra reps may even be more useless instead of benefitting from it.

Patience is a virtue. This does not give you that ‘get fit quick’ routines, in fact, it is most effective when done gradually and consistently. Determination and discipline is key, so make sure to arm yourself with the expectation that there is no quick way to master yoga.

Appreciate the results. Once you start feeling the impacts of yoga, make sure to embrace it as you see your efforts and toil paying off.

Indeed, yoga may show you some humbling experiences that you may never expect from your usual strength and endurance workouts in the gym.

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