Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges: How To Perform These Correctly tells us that these are the basic moves that you can do even at home and in front of your TV. You can do these moves that will make your rear even tighter. It can make you lean and great!

It’s not just about looking fit anymore. It’s about performance and how do you get to a greater fitness level? Check out these bridges: these are the prime exercises to do in order to improve your daily functions.

5 Bridges You Can Do in Front of Your TV

And while there’s no quick fix for athleticism, the booty is a good place to start. Your glutes, aka the biggest muscle group in your body, are responsible for everything from scaling stairs and running marathons to preventing injury and improving stability. Read more…

Redefining Strength gives us an overview about the must-do exercise. We’re familiar with how squats took over the trend when it comes to achieving a great backside.

Lifting gives us a chance to move heavy weights but this isn’t the right exercise to perform in order to have a strong and powerful rear end.

A Must-Do Exercise 

Actually, there are many other glute exercises that recruit MORE muscle fibers and are necessary to include in your workout routine if you want sexy, strong butt cheeks. Read more…

Life Hack reports about these 8 things that eventually happen to your body when you do this move every day. These are quite important especially in developing stability and maximizing strength.

However, our sedentary lifestyle dictates that we spend more time sitting on our butts than actually doing something. Well, this results to saggy, flat and flaccid glutes. It doesn’t have to end this way though.

8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Bridges Every Day

It’s pretty obvious 2015 is the year of the butt in fitness. Glutes have become the “it” muscles of the minute. They’re so popular they’ve even started the butt selfie (belfie) trend. So butts are everywhere in fitness today and for good reason. Read more…

ScottHermanFitness shares his own way How To: Glute Bridges:

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