The Basics: Perform Functional Movement Patterns

The Basics: Perform Functional Movement Patterns

The DailyBurn tells us that these are the moves that trainers want you to master. The movement patterns are effective in terms of performing your daily routine. These are foundational moves that your body relies on.

Simple tasks like pulling a box, squatting, or walking around all day take up most of our day-to-day typical activities. Learn how to execute these well using the tips below:

7 Functional Movement Patterns Trainers Want You to Master

But these movements have deeper roots in our wellbeing, says holistic coach and certified strength and conditioning specialist Jator Pierre, CSCS. To get the full picture, you’ve got to go back — way back. “If you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, we’d have to use all of these movement patterns to survive,” he says. Read more…

Built Lean gives us a detailed breakdown of these moves. They view these as “primal moves” and they refer to it as something that’s completely different than the gym model that we portray in modern times.

They have a great point in stating the differences between the primal model versus the modern gym rat. Activities in the primal times involve the use of the entire body whereas humans in the recent generation live a sedentary lifestyle.

This is where the function of the patterns comes in.

7 Primal Movement Patterns For Full Body Strength

My guess is that you would be lean, strong and fit, with a well proportioned body. You would be a very athletic and active version of your current self. And the best part is you wouldn’t have to step foot into a gym and “workout” to get these impressive results. Read more…

Onnit says that these seven exercises portray the basic human movement. A movement pattern incorporated in each exercise is quite a sensible approach. You can adapt to the activity easily and you have the option of substituting the exercises.

You can follow the program with exercises here. Check it out and apply it to your daily routine.

7 Essential Functional Movement Exercises

As a baseline, a focus on an exercise in each movement pattern is a sensible approach. This may also need to be adapted for certain individuals. You could also substitute any of the exercises below for a comparable exercise with a specific training implement. Read more…

Check out EricWongMMA’s video about the 6 Fundamental Movement Patterns (Functional Athletic Training):

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