Food For Headaches

Stop The Throb: Food For Headaches

Popsugar talks about these helpful foods. You probably have a pill in your purse just in case a migraine occurs unexpectedly. But did you know that there are even some foods that can help you with this problem? You won’t even have to carry any pain relievers anymore. Just make sure that you got these in your fridge:

Potatoes – this stuff can be a lifesaver. Instead of French fries, choose a baked potato instead. These foods are high in potassium and it helps alleviate bad headaches. A baked potato offers 600 mg of potassium, so that practically solves your problem, big time.

We got another one for you: bananas. Known for the potassium and magnesium combo, this dynamic duo should be included on your list. Magnesium has soothing effects that can calm you down. For more helpful foods, take a look at this one:

What to Eat When a Headache Hits

Pineapple: Fresh pineapple can also help soothe your headache woes. The natural enzyme bromelain has been linked for centuries as a form of natural pain relief. It also boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help get your head right as well. Read more…

Woman’s Day discusses the foods that can give you the best ways to soothe a headache. These healthy ingredients can come to your rescue when your head feels like it’s about to split into half.

The usual scenario when a headache attacks: lights out, lie under the covers, and a pill on our side table. You don’t have to stick to this routine once you get to know these miracle foods. 

The first one’s watermelon. Headaches happen because of dehydration. This is according to Stella Metsovas, BS, CN, a nutritionist in private practice in Laguna Beach, California. What you can do next time is to eat water-rich foods like watermelon. It contains essential minerals like magnesium which can totally aid you in headache prevention.  Check out the rest of the list here:

9 Foods That Can Help Soothe a Headache

When a headache strikes, you may run through your usual routine: Turn out the lights, lie down and pop a pain pill. But did you know that certain foods may ease, and even prevent, headaches? Add these soothing foods to your shopping list and find out for yourself. Read more…

Food Network Canada talks about the best foods that relieve that uncomfortable and painful sensation. While there are different types of headaches, we can all agree that they’re pretty annoying. Most of the time, this sensation makes things difficult and even inconvenient for us.

What can we do to prevent this? First, we need to identify the triggers and this may include our diet, allergens, weather, hormones, and viruses. The most important thing to do in order to stop it from happening is to focus on nutrients that are found in whole foods. These nutrients can even relieve the pain.

Some of these examples include quinoa, spinach and brown rice. These can possibly stop your pounding headache. Read on for more tips here:

20 Best Foods to Help Relieve Headaches

There are many different types of headaches, from tension to cluster to hormonal to sinus-related. But they all share one thing in common: they’re extremely annoying! Along with identifying triggers to your headaches, which may include diet, allergens, hormones, weather changes and viruses, you can help stop a headache in its tracks by focusing on specific nutrients found in tasty, whole foods. Read more…

Take a look at Dr. Josh Axe’s Headache Remedies: Top 11 Tips for Headache Relief

If you want to pack on these foods to make sure you got something to chew on when you feel like you’re about to have a bad headache, try our meal management bags. We got lots on our list but there’s one particular bag that’s really convenient.

It’s the Fitmark Box meal management bag. It’s just the right size for you and you can bring your headache prevention snacks to work or anywhere else. It’s lightweight and quite practical for you. You can use the two large seal-tight containers for your snacks.


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