Reasons Why You Actually Don't Have To Exercise Every Day

Reasons Why You Actually Don’t Have To Exercise Every Day updates us about the best and the healthiest habit: exercise. This is by far, the best measure in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. It is reported to be one of the ways to avoid an early death. Taking a look at its numerous benefits, it’s a wonder why we don’t do it every day.

Well, the thing is, we have our hectic schedules to worry about and it’s hard to even put a routine workout into our busy work week. Health experts suggest that an average of 150-minute moderate activity can do the trick. If you’re really pressed for time, then 75 minutes of intense, breathtaking moves each week.

Because of a lot of factors and reasons, it’s not realistic for everyone to do a daily workout. Researchers wanted to find out whether weekend warriors (those who cram on their weekly exercise routine over the weekend)  get the same benefits as those who religiously exercise every day. Surprisingly, the new study released in JAMA Internal medicine suggests that frequency does not have a significant effect on longevity.

Why You Don’t Have to Exercise Every Day

Exercise is one of the best ways to avoid chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer, as well as an early death. But it can be tough to squeeze into a schedule: Health experts recommend about 150 minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous, breath-sapping exercise, each week. Read more… reports that you don’t have to sweat it out every day at the gym just to be healthy. The study emphasizes that working out once or twice a week over the weekend may just give you the same benefits.

The scientists analyzed the data that involved 64,000 adults and discovered that those who were categorized as “active”, including the weekend warriors, had 30 percent less risk of death than those who are living a sedentary lifestyle or those who exercised less. In general, those who are active have better health. The surprising bit  is that the frequency does not play a bigger role than what we previously thought.

This leads us to conclusion that you can play with numbers in this game. To get the basic health benefits, you just need to hit the 150 minute mark of moderate workout or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week. Awesome, isn’t it?

More Proof That Any Exercise Is Better Than No Exercise

Calling all weekend warriors: Exercising once or twice a week, say on the weekends, may give you the same health benefits as if you worked out daily, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Read more…

ArsTechnica went into the full details how the research team achieved these results. The researchers monitored deaths among the different group levels, focusing on cardiovascular and cancer deaths. They got information about the risk of death for each group, while taking into consideration the other factors such as smoking, illnesses, age, and socioeconomic status.

Moreover, they presented results that reveal the insufficiently active had a 31 percent decrease in mortality, weekend warriors get 30 percent reduced risk, and active people had a 35 percent lower risk.

The authors summarized that even less activity might still offer considerable healthy effects for the body. Working out once or twice a week can provide you those benefits, even if it’s outside the standard physical activity guidelines.

Don’t Have Time To Work Out During The Week? That’s Actually OK

Your workout schedule may have just gotten a lot more flexible: that is, whether you try to fit in a brisk exercise routine every day before dinner or just go big on the weekends after sitting at your 9-to-5 all week—it may not actually matter to your overall health. Read more…

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