Fit For Travel: Eating Healthy On The Road

It’s that time of year when many of us take off in search of sun, surf and sand and take a vacation to get away from it all. Sometimes that’s a flight to somewhere exotic, or a road trip into the mountains. Wherever your sense of adventure takes you, heading for somewhere nice and warm is the best way to escape Old Man Winter for a while.


The scenery here in New Zealand is stunning! And because the weather has been so amazing lately, it calls for adventures!! My awesome Fitmark bag is the perfect accessory to take. It fits everything I need! ~ Fitmark Ambassador Laura Gully

Just because you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean that your diet has to take a vacation too! It’s possible to eat healthy on the road, or while you’re traveling, and we have a few tips to help you stay on track.


When you travel, plan to take some healthy snacks with you to tie you over in case you’re delayed for some reason. That way when you get hungry, you’ll always have something healthy on hand.


Here’s a list of healthy snacks that Fitmark Ambassador Amber Orton recommends when she’s about to hit the road:

  • Royal Sport Ltd: Target, BCAAs, whey protein individual packs and Siege pre-workout
  • Quest Nutrition Bars and Protein Chips
  • Icon Meals: protein pancakes, chicken/veggies, and buffalo/sweet potato
  • Apples
  • Light&Fit Greek Yogurt
  • Organic veggies and hummus to snack on
  • Light String Cheese
  • Walden Farms maple syrup travel packs
  • Nutra Summa vitamins (Pure Skin, multi-vitamin, B12 and digest complex)


Even if you’re flying to your destination, don’t leave anything to chance. Pack your meals for the journey and take them with you. With your meal management bag with you on vacation, there’ll be no reason not to pack your meals with you every day.


When you reach your destination, it’s a good idea to go out and buy some healthy items to keep in your fridge. Things like yogurt, peanut butter, bottled water, chicken, and fruit are all good choices. Then you’ll have a supply of healthy food to pack with you on your day trips. Here’s what Amber suggests:

Fresh deli selections at grocery stores often have great options. Stores like Whole Foods, Market of Choice, etc. often have grilled chicken and healthy proteins they will warm up along with side options such as roasted veggies, broccoli salads, etc. Just make sure you ask what’s in them and avoid those with additional oils and mayonnaise-type condiments.


Most hotel kitchens will accommodate the most sensitive of tastebuds, and some will even prepare food on request. This is a great idea for packed lunches for your day trips and sightseeing tours. That doesn’t mean you can’t sample the local cuisine, just make sure to watch your portions and keep your bag packed with healthy food. That way, if you find yourself on the beach in Rio de Janeiro like Fitmark Ambassador Omar Christoff, you’ll be prepared.


Check with your hotel concierge for the healthiest places to eat during your visit. If you find one you like, you can order extra portions to pack in your bag and take with you on your next adventure. Here’s what Amber suggests:

When out at a restaurant, stick to lean protein sources (grilled or baked), clean carb sources, and steamed veggies or salad.

It pays to have your meal management bag with you on holiday. It’s the best way to stay on track, and it’ll give you the incentive not to quit.

You can read more from Amber here: Make Every Meal A Happy Meal: 10 Tips For Eating Clean While Traveling.

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