Easy Snacks You Can Take To Work

Keep Your Meals & Snacks Handy With The Fitmark Shield


Meal management is an important aspect of staying fit and healthy, as what Fitmark Ambassador Lais DeLeon advises to take time to prepare your meals – as well as your snacks – to be able to steer clear from unhealthy food whenever you feel hunger anytime, anywhere.

With her trusty Fitmark Shield Bag, taking meals and snacks to work, the gym or anywhere else, you will be able to satisfy your hunger without the guilt.

You always need to stay nourished and rehydrated pre and post workout and by having these easy snacks you can take to work, you’ll be less tempted to get a meal from a nearby fast food or chips from a grocery shelf.

Starting off with the snacks where you often crave for something salty to nibble on post workouts. Try to prepare some fruits or ready-to-eat vegetables that have high water content like jicama, that you could season with some salt and powered flavourings to add that nice kick and salty taste in a healthy bite compared to French fries or chips.

Pre- and Post-Workout Energy Snacks

Snacks are not always just in-betweens. It may even be essential as a good source of calories to give you added energy to complete your workout program for the day,

Eating two pieces of Turkey Egg muffins before and after your workouts can help sustain your need for food and nourishment.

Turkey Egg Muffins


  • White potatoes, diced
  • Seasoned lean ground turkey, shredded
  • Jalapeno pepper, finely chopped
  • Turkey bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • Eggs, beaten

Mix all the ingredients together and place the batter inside muffin cups and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until the eggs are nice and fluffy, while the muffin base turns golden brown. Cool and store in the refrigerator, ready to grab two to four pieces before going to the office or the gym.

Sweet delights

Lais recommends NLA for Her Performance Chews- fruity, chewy these bars packs a lot of punch and always packed full of goodness.

Cucumber strips or slices

If you are craving for something crunchy why not try some sliced cucumbers. These are great for snacking with your favourite flavour mix or seasoning. These are also low in sodium and high in electrolyte and potassium.

Protein Dose: Whey Protein Powder

Managing your meals is always important, especially when you are working out. Prepare a serving or two of your favourite protein powder and stash your tumbler inside your Fitmark Shield Bag. Just add water when you feel the need to refresh or rehydrate! It’s your simple, easy to prepare high protein snack drink.

Emergency High Carb Snacks

If you need some quick bite-sized pieces, grab a couple of Paleo cookies. Take a bite or two whenever you need to have some munchies less the fat and guilt.

A Good Dose of Antioxidants

Good for chewing and snacking to help you curb your appetite, a bowl of mixed berries can be a handy tag-along– nutritious and with little sugar to burn off.

Hummus and Vegetable Dip

When you’re done with the cucumbers you can then take your bites into some sliced red peppers that you can dip in hummus.

Order Up: Coffee

Finally start your workout with a hearty drink of cold brewed coffee that goes perfectly with chocolate NLA and whey protein powder for a nourishing pre-workout shake.

Lais adds that with your carefully planned meals packed inside your Fitmark Shield Meal Management Bag, you will no longer feel the urge to cheat on your healthy diet by turning to junk or fast food.