easy pilates core moves

Easy Pilates Core Moves That Can Surely Tone Your Ab Muscles

Easy pilates core moves provide you with good workouts using classic Pilates moves that are guaranteed to chip off those unwanted bulges and belly fat.

Easy pilates core moves for your six pack abs

Prepare your mat and some upbeat music to help you stay focused and entertained all throughout your exercises.

The hundred

This is the core of the Pilates workout. Draw both legs towards your chest then hold on to your legs. Curl your head and chest to form a tight circle.

Then send your legs out to a table top position with knees above the hip and the shins parallel to the floor. Hold the back of your thighs and curl up as you engage your abs. Hover both arms above the stomach and pump both arms 6 to 8 inches up and down while taking deep breaths, inhale and exhale for 5 counts each.

Perform 10 sets without resting. If the move may be difficult at first, you may try to rest your head on the floor instead of curling up.

Single leg crunches

Lay down on the mat with the ribs and shoulders down as you raise your right leg upwards and the left foot bent and the sole flat on the floor.

Circle the right leg across your body to the left and to the right, stopping at the nose. Make sure your abs are engaged all throughout the workout, then switch legs for the next set.

Perform 6 sets for each leg.

Single leg teaser

Lie on your back with the right leg extended to an angle of 90 degrees forward with toes pointed out and the other leg bent with the foot flat on the floor. With both arms reach forward to the extended foot until you reach it with the tips of both hands then return to the starting position.

Perform 5 times then switch legs.

Criss cross

This is a combination of bicycle kicks and ab crunches. Lie down on the floor and lift both legs upward. Engage your abs and curl your head towards your chest with both hands behind your head.

Start doing your bicycle kicks and slightly twist your body opposite of each leg that gets extended.

Perform six full rotations and repeat the move six times.

You may start to feel your heart pumping and you start building up perspiration. If you don’t feel the pumping pressure, repeat the steps one more time.

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