Dancer Leg Moves To Get Dancer A Like Physique

Dancer Leg Moves To Get Dancer A Like Physique tells us how to do a ronde de jambe leg exercise. This move is from Simone De La Ru, the one who founded Body by Simone. Her dance workouts keep the rest of Hollywood lean and sculpted.

This exercise was derived from ballet so if you appreciate this dance form, get ready to learn how to “curtsy for the queen.” Grab a hand towel and do this on your own.

Get Long and Lean Dancer’s Legs With This Exercise

Take a moment to learn a graceful and effective leg exercise from Simone De La Rue, founder of Body by Simone — her dance-based workouts keep at least half of Hollywood, if not more, in sculpted form. Read more…

Women’s Health gives us these amazing ways to have sexy stems. These exercises promote a dancer’s body and the fact remains: these graceful dancers don’t get those shapely legs just by dancing alone.

Dancing is a great activity but these individuals have enviable legs because of cardio as well. Akua Noni Parker, a professional dancer and member of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Company shares her six exercises that help her prepare her body to be stage-ready.

Get Legs Like a Dancer—In 6 Moves

These six moves, which Parker does daily, will get your legs in show-off shape, too—even if you have two left feet.  Pick a few of your faves and add them to any workout—or do all six exercises as one circuit. Read more…

The Fitness Blender explains that this lower body workout can get you the long legs of a dancer. This is the combination of Pilates moves and bodyweight exercises that’ll eventually help you slim down those lower extremities. The best thing is that you can do it at home without any equipment.

These movements are helpful in building muscle within the legs. Some women are afraid that they’re going to pack muscles because of this. Fact is, that’s really impossible to happen unless they intentionally want to add size by loading up on supps or doing exercises with heavy weights.

How to get Legs like a Dancer – Exercises for Long Lean Legs

If you do these on a regular basis, you will notice a change in your body shape. In addition, if you eat right and maintain a healthy regime of cardio training, you will start to get lean, athletic legs.” Read more…

This is the workout from Simone De La Rue, founder of Body by Simone:

In order to make sure you get those legs, be prepared to workout seriously during your sessions. You’ll absolutely develop a great body and you won’t regret it.

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