A College Meal Plan Is A Must

A College Meal Plan Is A Must

College meal plan ideas need not be difficult and should be an important aspect of everyday university or college life to help you stay away from unhealthy food habits and stress eating.

College Meal Plans Can Be Healthy

There are a lot of things that can just go wrong with your diet when it comes to college life. Group studies, burning the midnight oil for research, preparation for assessments, complicated projects and so much more could make you lose focus.

It may take some self-discipline to develop your time management and coping skills to be able to breeze through college, but it is crucial to remain healthy to be able to be at your best- both physically and mentally.

Fending Off For Yourself

College life always subjects you to two common dietary options, you end up paying for a meal at the cafeteria or somewhere else- could even be food from a vending machine- or you could cook for yourself.

The first option often leaves you at the mercy of “what you see is what you get.” You are always left with no other choice but pick from any available food that you see on display at the college cafeteria or from the vending machine.

The other option, which you can turn to your advantage, may be a bit time consuming due to the fact that it would take time to prepare your ingredients, table and all dining stuff that you clean up after.

Either way, you need to make sure that you still have the right kinds of food for your optimum nutrition.

Plan To Meet You Macros

If you cannot avoid having to go to the cafeteria to get some grub because you need to be back for a class in a few minutes, then make sure that you are still aware of what you should be putting in your body.

Whatever meal choices it may be, it is best to always have a balanced meal. If it needs to be a combination of several food items, take note to ask what’s in it. There are a lot of college cafeterias with nutrition labels for their food items, so you may be able to have your good choices for your meals.

Other dining halls also have their meal preparations and details posted online and you may be able to go through it that way you can also prepare your meals throughout the week.

Breakfast Choices

Breakfast fare in college dining halls and cafeterias often prepare the usual common fare, the most common of which are eggs, pancakes and bread, among many others.

Sometimes even the way food is cooked is also essential, so if you ask for fried eggs or scrambled ones, make sure to request the chef fry with little oil or other options like have it boiled or poached.

You can also go for oatmeal or a couple of pancakes without the syrup or with little butter.

Make the most of fresh fruits for breakfast and add a bit of fiber to your breakfast fare.

Lunch Fare

A lot of dining halls and cafeterias have unlimited salad bars for lunch, just make sure to stay away from calorie-dense salad dressings and go for vinaigrette or use olive oil as  dressing base.

You may also have your occasional cheeseburger or pizza, but make sure to not go too heavy on these, like say only once a week. If you go for sandwiches, choose fillings that would give you the most protein like lean meat, tofu or chicken breast fillet.

If you decide to prepare it yourself at the dorm, having some fresh green vegetables and create your salad with vinaigrette dressing. You may have a piece of chicken breast to go along with it.

Elegant Dinner

This may help you break that monotony of ready-to-eat foods. You may spend a few extra minutes whipping up a good dinner. Many dining halls prepare international fare that could like an Asian stir-fry with assorted vegetables and a little meat in it.

You also may want to go for some steamed fish cutlets or fillets, often couple together with some grilled vegetables like asparagus or spinach.

If you want to prepare it at the dorm, you can go for some deli-meats, which may be a bit expensive, but you don’t have this everyday. This could help you stay on track by allowing yourself some slack to prevent getting food burnout.

A piece of tenderloin steak or fillet mignon can also be a good option, just so you would feel rewarded for all your efforts.

Meal Management

It is always important to plan and manage your meals as these can be greatly beneficial for you.

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