Boxing Workout To Keep Fit

Boxing Workout To Keep Fit

Boxing workout moves are getting more popular each day, as it has taken on a lot of influence from many professional boxing fighters that inspire people to work out more.

Boxing workout routines for fitness

Truth be told, boxing routines and workout programs are one of today’s fast- growing fitness fads that have taken the fitness world by storm.

Other than just a fad, boxing routines in fact are very effective ways of burning fat and toning muscles. It can burn up to 600 calories in 1 hour and also works the arms, core, legs and shoulders.

Another benefit you get out of it is that it also trains the mind and body at the same time.

Boxing routines for everyone

Warming up for routine with a few minutes of jump rope to help start off the heart pumping. Take a few minutes to jump the ropes and start building up a sweat.


Burpees are good movements to help build up you strength and endurance for the boxing routine session ahead.

Assume a squat position and reach down to the floor right in front of you. Then kick both feet behind you and drop into a pushup position, as you lower your body to the floor.

Quickly snap both feet towards your arms to return to your squat position and jump into the air with your arms extended.


This is more for building up endurance and strength rather than toning for six packs. Start by laying down on the floor with both legs apart and stretch both arms in front of you. Engage the ab muscles to pull you off the floor and move both hands to touch the toes of both feet, make sure that the chest is moved forward.

Lower down then repeat the steps.

Shadow boxing

This incorporates several jab, punch, cross, weave and bob combinations. This will make your workouts a bit more interesting and fun as you will need to make sure that you maintain balance as you do the exercises.

Speed is also a key factor that helps you stretch your muscles as you jab and do your speed footwork during the shadowboxing exercise. It is a good cardiovascular workout that makes you use your own bodyweight to punch and move around, as well as your muscles also exerting effort and put strength into it as you maintain your balance.

Another good thing about shadowboxing is that you do not need to have any type of boxing training equipment like a punching bag or a speed ball, and also allows you to move free style to help you target the muscle groups that you would like to work on.

Among the key points you need to understand when shadowboxing is know that you not underestimate the effects of shadowboxing on your health and allow it to work for you and not just something that lets you show off to others at the gym.

Apply as many combinations as you like and feel free to incorporate your own combinations. This is a guaranteed way that you do a full-body workout.

Push ups

Start from a plank position except the hands are supporting the weight instead of the forearm. Lower your upper body using engaging only the arms and shoulders and at the same time keeping a straight body. Then push back up. Repeat the steps.


To help strengthen the glutes and legs, squats also help immensely in working the core and lower back.

Stand with your legs apart, then pull your shoulders back to engage the abs. Push the butt and hips like you are sitting in a chair and focus your weight on your heels. Bend down until both thighs are parallel to the floor and move back up to the starting position. Repeat the steps.

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