boost your brain with the mediterranean diet

Make A Difference To Your Brain Health: Boost Your Brain With The Mediterranean Diet

Web MD says that those who switched to this diet lost less brain volume. A study has concluded that for older adults, this kind of eating habit might be even more beneficial for brain health.

Scotland researchers analyzed the brain volume of older adults in a span of three years. The team discovered that those who closely stuck to eating habits similar to Mediterranean countries were less likely to lose brain volume. A Mediterranean diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and beans. The results found that the older adults get to retain more brain volume compared to those who did not follow the diet.

The new study implies that the possible mechanism is in preserving brain volume. This is according to Luciano, from the University of Edinburgh. The diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, olive oil, beans, grains, fish, dairy, wine and limited red meat or poultry.

Michelle Luciano, the study’s lead author, says that the research is accumulating data in order to exhibit the protective effects of the diet and its possible impact on normal cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

More Signs Mediterranean Diet May Boost Your Brain

Researchers in Scotland examined the brain volume of hundreds of older adults over three years. The investigators found that people who more closely followed the eating habits common in Mediterranean countries — lots of fruits, vegetables, olive oil and beans — retained more brain volume compared to those who did not. Read more…

US News says that experts are familiar with the concept of aging: everything declines and that would also mean the brain shrinks and loses cells. This eventually leads to learning and memory problems, according to Luciano.

She included as well that age is one of the biggest factors in volume loss. This factor has the largest effect. The Mediterranean diet was helpful in reducing volume loss. This is something that she finds impressive. The scientist said that there’s no apparent link to fish or meat intake so it may be other components or the diet itself that gives the benefit.

The variety of foods may even preven inflammation and vascular diseases that contribute to shrinkage.

Heather Snyder, the director of medical and scientific operations for the Alzheimer’s Association, explains that this confirms what they’ve witnessed before. Plus, the new data adds more insight about the subject. 

More Signs Mediterranean Diet May Boost Your Brain

For the study, Luciano’s group collected dietary information from almost 1,000 Scots, about age 70 and free of dementia. More than half had a brain scan at age 73. The scans measured overall volume, gray matter and the thickness of the cortex — the brain’s outer layer. Read more…

Health Day tells us that after three years, the 401 study participants had another measurement. After gathering other factors like education, diabetes, high blood pressure, or age, they found that a good outcome was observed for those who observed the Mediterranean-style.

Snyder said that one of the study’s strengths involves the fact that the participants were all residents of Scotland. This leads us to the conclusion that it’s likely to have less variation in factors that affect brain health. Furthermore, she adds that overall dietary practices affect cognitive function.

More Signs Mediterranean Diet May Boost Your Brain

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends following the Mediterranean diet or the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, developed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The association’s reasoning is that what’s good for the heart is also good for the brain. Read more…

The study authors admit that more research is needed to establish the connection between brain volume retention and the diet. While this is the case, it’s better to have preventive measures ready. Start with a healthy diet, a regular exercise, and manage risk factors like diabetes and hypertension.

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