Askfitmark LIVE 11/3/16

By Fitness Bags Canada | August 21, 2018

hey everyone today’s Wednesday November second we’re doing impromptu ask fit mark live right now so go ahead that’s him even be dinging saying that we’re live go ahead right now and start asking questions yes start asking questions in the comments below because in a few minutes I’m going to answer a few of…

Meal Prep Bag With Containers

Askfitmark LIVE 11/17/16

By Fitness Bags Canada | August 16, 2018

yes we’re doing another show just like we did last week we said that we’re going to go super strong this month as well as next month why because we got a ton of holidays coming up not just black friday at the end of this month yeah thanksgiving but we also go into december…

Ask Fitmark LIVE 11/14/16

By Fitness Bags Canada | August 10, 2018

hey everyone mark Samuel Monday November 14th ask fit mark life is going on right now so give you a couple minutes to get on here get your questions going I hope you had a phenomenal weekend hope you got outside or maybe you were indoors all weekend maybe for raining or a little cold…

Askfitmark LIVE 11/22/16

By Fitness Bags Canada | August 2, 2018

Welcome we got a lot of cool stuff happening today the first being that we’re running this right now on Instagram so if you see this on Instagram come on over to our facebook page but go ahead and ask a question in the comments below if your question gets picked you win a free…


Eating Before Bed: Sleep Can Make You Actually Fat?

By Fitness Bags Canada | November 7, 2017

When you’re sleeping, this is considered as fasting. If you get enough sleep, like at least 7-9 hours every night, then you are going a long time without sustenance. If you wanted to gain muscle mass, this shouldn’t be the case. Even going for more than a couple of hours without food and your blood…

Save Yourself Some Time And Meal Prep For The Whole Week

Save Yourself Some Time And Meal Prep For The Whole Week

By Fitness Bags Canada | October 31, 2017

Greatist discusses the meal preparations to get you to last all week. The nicest part about this is just you need only eight ingredients, to get you started. We’re all busy with our lives and our schedules can’t get any easier. That’s why most of the time we find ourselves at a loss how to…