These Are The Best Workout Songs For You

The Best Workout Songs For Your Fitness

A good playlist can go a long way especially when you’re struggling to just get off your butt and workout. It’s considered as a powerful motivator so you can simply push through a tough sweat workout or just simply get moving.

If you’re looking for new tunes so you can continue your awesome workout routine, get Spotify’s playlist of the most popular workout tunes of 2016. Take a look at the top ten songs. These include Drake’s “Jumpman” and Rihanna’s “Work.” Get ready to start pumping! 

The Best Workout Songs, According to Spotify

There’s no question that a great playlist can be a powerful motivator to push through a tough sweat session—or get moving in the first place. If you’re looking for some fresh musical fitspo as you head into the new year, check out Spotify’s playlist of the most popular workout songs of 2016. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness shares the top 25 songs that will get you moving! These were carefully selected by M and F readers to help you hit the weights.

We all know what motivation does to people. It’s the key to achieving your fitness goals and music plays a huge role when it comes to letting you push some more weights.

Muscle & Fitness fans shared the music that makes their heart rates rise and the tunes that gets them pumped up. Presenting, the top 25 workout songs for you! This includes the Eye of the Tiger because let’s face it: who wants to leave this awesome song behind?

Get Pumped! Your Top 25 Workout Songs

Motivation is the key to keeping you primed to keep pushing heavy weight in the gym. And what better motivator is there than music? We asked the experts–our dedicated Muscle & Fitness fans–what music makes their heart rate rise and gets them pumped to hit new PRs, and you answered. Here are the top 25 workout songs for every musical taste. Read more…

Refinery 29 says that you need to have these gym playlists. The struggle of keeping yourself motivated to do burpees and squats can sometimes get overwhelming. It can even be more difficult than the workout. Staying motivated is essential but how can we maintain this?

The obvious answer is through music, of course. These are all time favorite workout tracks from fresh tunes to old favorites. You’ll soon catch yourself humming through while you’re doing your cardio sesh, or your training circuit.

These songs will surely let you keep a steadier pace because of their strong beats. It will help you move consistently during exercise.

You Need These Gym Playlists In Your Life

Sometimes getting motivated to exercise can be harder than the workout itself. That’s why it helps to think of your gym time as a middle school dance: You’re going to feel awkward and hug the wall until a really great song comes on. Read more…

BodyMix TV gives us the Best Workout Music Mix 2017 / Gym Training Motivation Music:

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