Best Meal Prep Combinations For Better Health

Best Meal Prep Combinations For Better Health

Best meal prep combinations are not impossible and in fact, can add more fun to your meal preparations by mixing and matching all the essential nutrients. You can create stunning food combinations that will make it good to eat and not make you feel like it is bring healthy food.

Best meal prep combinations for your everyday meals and snacks

You may think that meal preparation is going to be a bore and you may not like the food choices you need to have for staying fit, however, you might be surprised where this adventure could take you.

Eating healthy is really important when you are going to go the healthy way but it also does not mean that you are going to enjoy less of it.

The key to proper nutrition is knowing what you and what you should be eating. Of course, not all foods are “good” per se, but life does not deal you with a hard blow and nature has provided you with a whole lot of food varieties you can choose from.

Start making meal prep easier without burning the midnight oil and spend countless hours figuring out what to eat and what not, but the key is to manage your diet well by being aware of what your body needs, including food.

Make meal prep easier by preparing ahead

Meal prepping is important to maintain a proper perspective in eating healthy and having a pre-planned eating plan helps you avoid the pitfalls of bingeing.

Meal preps help you avoid getting into panic modes of uncertainty that often allows people to make do with situations on what is readily available, so is the same with food.

Nutrition is as important as the exercise that you do to stay fit and healthy. Getting the right amount of nutrients not just to nourish your body also calls for the proper nutrition that helps you fuel your muscles or simply allow you to do your physical activities.

But do you know what nutrients you need to replenish or supplement when you burn calories, doing intense cardio and build muscle? Surely your body gets depleted with vital nutrients as it burns fuel, so make sure you are aware of these essential nutrients.

What you see is what you get

Remember that what you see in your kitchen determines what goes into your body so nutritionists and dietitian advice that the best way to stay healthy is to stay away from unhealthy foods. Take some time to plan and manage your meals before going off to the grocery and filling up your pantry and fridge.

Start working on a plan

Get a notebook and pen and start writing down all the healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Get cookbook or go online to check for recipes that you can use to cook those healthful food items. Prepare a weeklong menu so that you know what to get, cook and eat.

Avoid being distracted from your shopping list

This is going to be your baptism of fire. If you happen to pass by the potato chip shelves, then try to control your hands from getting a pack. You stick to your grocery list because you are sure this will help you. Taking a detour may be a bad choice for you.

Always have protein shakes available and ready

You may have ran out of fruits for juicing or you need to supplement your nutritional needs. Having a few packs of your favorite protein drinks can make it handy for you to drink if you need water and the need to supplement your muscle growth and development.

Stock up on low-calorie, high-nutrient foods that you can mix and match, as well as prepare your week-long menu to help guide you through your meal management plans.

Make it simple and rustic. There are foods that you may be less likely to enjoy unless it is cooked properly or best eaten raw. Avoid playing too much with what you need for your meals, just keep it simple and it is always good to go back to the basics.

Cook everything altogether

Not only will it save you time, it gives you an opportunity to plan out your next meal prep activity. Use your oven to roast your foods, just don’t use too much oil or eat a lot of fried foods.

Sliced and diced

It is easy to get yourselves packages of pre-cut or mixed vegetables, lean meats and roasted chicken. Canned tuna requires no cooking so add it on to your salads and

Nutrition is important

But no matter what people say, the proper way to good health is by having the right diet. Nutrition experts are one in saying that health is about 20% exercise and 80% food.

Recommended food items

To help with your meal planning, it is always important to know which food items to consider both for regular meals and snacking options as well.

  • Whole grains like bown rice, wild rice, buckwheat, whole wheat pasta, quinoa and amaranth, among others.
  • Lean chicken meat, preferably fileted breast cuts.
  • Air pop or microwave popcorn bags- those that do not require oil for cooking.
  • Baked corn chips or cholesterol-free, low calorie crackers
  • Tahini or sesame seeds
  • Low-sodium canned or packaged soups
  • Non-dairy or soya milk
  • Coconut juice or milk
  • Dried fruits – (prunes, berries, etx)
  • Nuts (almonds,  walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, etc)
  • All-natural or organic pasta sauces and canned tomatoes
  • Fresh Salsa
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Vinegar (organic, apple cider, balsamic, etc)
  • Spices like pepper, cumin, turmeric, ginger, etc.
  • Vegetable stock or bouillon
  • Coffee beans and tea
  • Canned or packed beans and lentils
  • Spreads made from nuts like peanut butter, almond spread, hazelnut spread, among others.
  • You can also check online for healthy food options that you can find in your pantry.

Start getting rid of white flour, refined sugar, white rice, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavouring, sweeteners and colouring, as these can be harmful for the body.

Remember that as long as you plan your meals ahead, you would be less stressed to conjure up unhealthy options at the last minute.      

Meal planning and management can also be made easy when you have the right stuff to help you prepare your food and bulk, keeping it in storage or making the right portions.

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