The Best Desk Stretches That You Can Do At The Office

The Best Desk Stretches That You Can Do At The Office

Greatist talks about the moves that you can do if you’re at the office. You might be sitting there for more than 8 hours already so these are desk stretches that you can do. These moves relieve a tight neck, shoulders and wrists.

Our bodies were designed to move that’s inactivity can have a negative effect. These might be in different forms like sitting all day or watching TV. Over time, you’ll eventually feel tight especially in your shoulders, neck and wrists. Even your lower back can get compromised. That’s why it’s great to keep yourself active even if it means just a little stretch here and there.

This is a yoga-inspired sequence which features seven moves that can help you out. You don’t have to get up from your desk to perform these.

7 Desk Stretches to Ease a Tight Neck, Shoulders, and Wrists From Sitting All Day

Our bodies were made to move, which is why sitting for a good portion of your day—at a desk, behind the wheel, or plopped in front of the television—is no bueno, no matter how active you are. With time, you’ll start feeling tightness in your shoulders, neck, wrists, and lower back. But here’s the good news: Taking a quick break to walk around the office or do some simple stretches like the ones in this 6-minute video can keep tightness at bay and keep you moving throughout the day. Read more…

Best Health Mag talks about the eight moves that you can do at work. We’re all guilty of going overboard sometimes with our extended overtime hours at work. We’ll just deal with the aches and pains later. The unpleasant effect of this bad habit is that it can lead to back pain, neck strain and even worse conditions.

Here are the effective ways that we can do in order to prevent the effects of a desk job. The first one’s the upper trapezius stretch. 25 percent of the population experience neck pain and it’s more common in women than men. To prevent this from happening, you can stretch your trapezius muscle a few times a day. This is the muscle that covers the upper and back part of the neck and the shoulders.

Sit up straight. Your feet should be flat and shoulders back. Grab the bottom of the chair using your right hand. Slowly tilt your head sideways, bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder until you feel a good stretch along the right side of the neck and shoulder. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then repeat on the opposite side. For more moves, take a look here:

8 stretches you can do at your desk

More than 25 per­cent of the population experiences neck pain-and it’s more common in women than men. To fend off this ache, try stretching your trapezius-the kite-shaped muscle that covers the upper and back part of the neck and the shoulders-a few times a day. Read more…

Life Hack shares the simple stretches that can even give you an energy boost in your office. Sitting for extended periods can be bad for both body and mind. You have to make sure that you get your blood flowing so you can stay fresh and creative all day long. These moves will help you with that and it can also boost your energy levels. You can work better and be more efficient.

A lot of just don’t have enough time to move around and increase our productivity. Hopefully though, you can start with these.

The first one on the list is the seated twist. When you sit in your chair, keep your spine long and tall. Then place your right hand on the outside of your left knee. Use this hand as leverage when you twist to your left. Keep in mind, exhale as you move into your twist and inhale as you ease off. Repeat on the opposite side. Get the rest of the list below:

5 Simple Stretches To Boost Your Energy At Your Office Desk

Everyone knows that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your body and your mind. Getting the blood flowing helps you stay fresh with creativity, boosts energy and helps your body work more efficiently. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to get up and move around as often as we should. Here are 5 simple stretches you can do while sitting to improve your mind and body. Read more…

POPSUGAR Fitness shares the 3 Stretches to Do at Your Desk to Relieve Stress at Work:

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