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Back Superset Circuit: The Workout Sets Ideal For Eliminating Back Fat

First off, this one’s from Oxygen Mag. Let’s check out their interview with the beautiful Latina Ana Delia De Iturrondo and her superset workout. After this one, you’ll definitely get to show off that enviable and gorgeous back!

Let’s have a little introduction first. De Iturrondo renewed her passion for fitness. She’s now collaborating with newspapers about a blog that promotes wellness for women. Its purpose is to give encouragement for all women out there and empower them in terms of fitness and health.

Back-Burner Workout

Anyone who questions the magical, mystical power of the vision board should have a chat with Ana Delia De Iturrondo. After several family tragedies and a long bout with severe depression, De Iturrondo traveled with her husband to Ohio for the Arnold Sports Festival as a way to recover and renew her passion for fitness. Read more… answers the common question asked mostly by women: “How to get rid of back fat?”

Here’s the solution: home workout routines that are sure to eliminate that excess bulge in your bra strap. You’ll need to do strings of exercises. Cardio and targeted strength moves will totally help you out.

The thing is, most of the activities that we do everyday only focus on the front area of our bodies. It doesn’t really use our back muscles. In order to make changes, try to incorporate cardio for 30-60 minutes in your daily workout.

Home Workout Routines: How to Get Rid of Back Fat

A combination of regular cardio workout routines and targeted strength moves will do the trick. Genetics play a role in where you store fat, but the upper back is also a tough area to hone in on, says Brian Shiers, a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Read more… says that these are the best seven back exercises to get rid of the fat. For anyone who wants to lose back fat, these are the particular exercises that can let you achieve that goal. You’ll lose that spare tire and get a flat tummy as a result.

Before you start this one, it’s highly recommended to warm up. Just a risk walk for five minutes or a 10-minute stretch will do. Try to keep yourself hydrated as well and be on your own pace.

Back Fat Got You Down? 7 Back Exercises to Lose the Weight

Rows use dumbbells and work the two large muscles on both sides of the back. Stand with your torso tipped straight forward at about a 45-degree angle, holding the dumbbells down. Bring your arms up so that your elbows are parallel with your back and your forearms are hanging straight down. Do two sets of 12 to 16 repetitions. Read more…

Take a quick look at this video from Athlean-XX for Women about How to Lose Back Fat for Women:

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