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hey everyone today’s Wednesday November second we’re doing impromptu ask fit mark live right now so go ahead that’s him even be dinging saying that we’re live go ahead right now and start asking questions yes start asking questions in the comments below because in a few minutes I’m going to answer a few of them if your question gets chosen you’re going to win a free bag what bag we’re going to give that to you to decide because it’s about to be holiday time so there’s no better time than to let you choose which bag you want is that cool after we do that you gotta pay you and Tori we have but yeah they can go do it we’re doing it Hector approved the game is on so go ahead ask questions below hashtag ask fit mark I’m going to answer a couple of them in a couple minutes if your question gets answered you win a free bag also just for sharing the video literally click Share and then send it to all your buddies right now we’re gonna choose one person who simply shared you can ask a question which will give you a double entry but if you just shared the video right now let all your friends know we’re live and it’s going down at HQ fit mark Burlingame California you’re going to be chosen to possibly win a free back couple updates we launched it this morning can you see that can you see that you fit mark bags dot-com backslash perfect fit giveaway is on and poppin at that link we teamed up with our friends from perfect shaker they’ve got the Marvel shaker cups you can win the entire collection of Marvel shaker cups along with for back are we doing for bags we’re doing for bags for bags we’re giving away for bags for this November giveaway fit more bags dot com backslash perfect fit giveaway get over there I don’t believe that’s a DC not marvel d yeah Marvel DC it’s a Batman Superman that’s we got it all see comics we got it all you know just in case you some people like hey that’s not marvel you know it’s nothing sometimes I need to be taught if you think that about that world so DC Comics the entire collection from our friends a perfect shaker along with what we’re giving away which will be four bags so keep asking the question in the comments below I’m going to get to him in a second but just for fun what were these questions from that was from the previous as live as fig morning oh nice so the last asked fit mark which is last week that’s why this is impromptu we’re going to probably do this maybe once a week now going into the holidays because we just want to give away a ton of bags to hook you up for november and december a merry tori asked when is there going to be a sale good timing November’s here so you know Black Friday is at the tail end of the month it’s about to be on we’ve got a lot of things lined up but we’re going to be doing a bunch of those even leading up to it so you might even want to check out our site today because we’ve got stuff going on even today with regards to free gifts up being dropped into every single shipment so you’ll want to check out our site today because you may want to get on that now good question how do the bags holed up in a wet environment you know that’s that’s a good question most of our bags are made with a water-repellent material so we don’t say to stand in the rain all day long with it but we will say if you’re breezing through the rain you’re walking through the rain especially because it’s winter time you can be rest assured that the bags will hold up and repel most of the water again and in that light drizzle that you’re running maybe from your car to your office to the job to the gym definitely a good question there Wendy Holly does say that was which was Mitch Freitas doesn’t miss Freitas great question makes we appreciate Wendy Holly how is your bag better than six pack that’s another brand in the meal prep category we know them more power to them being Fitmark we believe that we stand alone in the meal prep category highest quality best customer experience most offerings the only one with a patent issued on our utility with our removable meal prep system bags that you’ve noticed that we’ve been developing for the last few years this is the Envoy which also we’ll talk about in a second has a removable meal prep bag at the bottom the cruiser our newest innovation which is a roller bag perfect for travel perfect for flights has also our removable meal prep bag so main differences are always going to be those that everybody knows is for greatest quality greatest customer experience greatest guarantee most offerings and we’ll leave it at that Thank You Wendy Holly great question we’ll get into some stuff I’m just going to do this now just for fun because you’re going to see this will be on pre-order next month but the last few months we’ve been developing these bad boys you ready bento time the only in our space in our category why because we’re first at everything and we love to be because we want to answer to you and what it is that you’re asking us to do in the meal prep space so we developed the bento box that’s going to be arriving next month one option is this and a second one bow Yao with of course are for lock system which of course is also the best in the industry here we go if you like that I’ll give you a little extra treat there this is removable why because it’s dope I love it put some soup for the winter put your salad dressing put some nuts either way to bento box offerings coming next month the first to do it we love being able to innovate the meal prep category we do it for you of course our latest 16 ounce which we added to our existing 32 ounce containers are on the site now let’s go into a question real quick again don’t forget to share this video right now share with your friends let them know we’re live and also don’t forget even if your question doesn’t get answered today I may answer it on the next show in fact I usually choose three questions from the previous show like I just did and then we’re going to give away bags to those questions that were asked so go ahead and ask now I’m going to let this thing refresh for me in the meantime let me get here let me see myself live while we’re doing this beautiful already see a bunch of questions that’s great we turn this off let’s just go right into it we love yo what’s up Julie Matt Patricia Abby Tim Miley what’s up Kimberly thank you so much for asking uh let’s just do fun stuff Katrice shot yet oh how was your halloween it was good I have two kids little man Mason was Batman little baby was Batgirl it was fun we did a little trick or treating it started to rain a little bit I hope your holiday was phenomenal hope you had some fun passed out some candy maybe dropped a couple protein bars in that in the end in the basket instead but I hope it was fun just for that question you get hooked up with the free bag again everybody don’t forget share the video now with your friends because we’re about to choose one person who shared to win Cubs or Indians Sean Olsen good question if you’re not watching the World Series it doesn’t matter that we are San Francisco Giants fans and we got our stomach turned on us in the ninth inning ah that doesn’t matter because we got love for everybody and we love great sports like baseball and all we could do is now be a fan of I won’t say either one of those two teams I will say that I hope one of them wins it what is it tonight is tonight good night game 7 last night was a phenomenal game for Chicago more power to them more props to them that was definitely a fun fun game to watch what’s the weather like there weren’t Burlingame California which is right outside of San Francisco and that is Tabatha blakeslee how are you Tabitha it’s sunny cold a little cold probably about 60 but it’s sunny out today we just got over a little bit of rain Matt may know says he’s all about the Giants what’s up math a lot of let’s go cubs I love it um little little housekeeping the shield and the Envoy backpack both from the meal prep bag category they’re offered now in this exclusive midnight colorway go ahead and check that out on our website as you know this has a removable meal prep bad and this is our go to shield our number one selling meal prep bag both of them on the site they’re probably just going to be for a short period of time probably through the holidays but there are only a number of them so if you were considering getting one or getting one yo marcello sky squats for 75 no problem got that right pal props to you buddy happy birthday um Marcel is my buddy since we were little kids uh thank you for keeping the questions coming up let’s get into one more um this is a good one um what vitamins do you recommend for a mom you know that’s a really good question who is that Melissa Johnson you know I’m big on uh I’m being unnatural unnatural vitamins food grade type vitamin so I don’t have a specific one to say I get mine at Whole Foods there’s so many different vitamin options as you know but I’m big on food grade real vitamins there’s other really cool brands innovative brands there’s a new brand called ollie that’s out there some people that I know from Rin that’s a great fun new brand that you can find out there but definitely talk to those at some trusted vitamin Shoppes and/or grocers natural grocers that you go to them sure they have a great option for you but congratulations again we’d love to take all types of questions it could be about our bags it could be about lifestyle to be about fitness it could be fun open-ended questions that you just want to ask us we hope you enjoyed this impromptu ask fit mark don’t worry keep the questions coming I’m going to choose three more on the next episode which I am committed to give you next week I’m going to do it every week leading through the holidays because the plan is to give away a ton of bags for the next 8 weeks we hope you are enjoying your Wednesday I hope you enjoy the rest of your week go ahead click the share button one more time right now why because we’re about to go and check who shared the video during this time and Hector hmm is going to choose one lucky winner got inator going crazy with all the likes and well emojis are uh yeah I’ll see you next time have a great day

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