Askfitmark LIVE 11/22/16

Welcome we got a lot of cool stuff happening today the first being that we’re running this right now on Instagram so if you see this on Instagram come on over to our facebook page but go ahead and ask a question in the comments below if your question gets picked you win a free bag and also don’t forget you can keep asking the questions just like you are on facebook right now if your question doesn’t get answered today will still choose some of the questions on next week’s show so you could possibly win today and if you don’t you could possibly win next week instagram come see us over on our facebook page i look forward to it facebook let’s get into it now uh our first a thing to talk about is going to be this backpack the sport backpack is on the site right now why is it on the site because it’s free I’m not joking it’s absolutely free with purchase today why because it’s Black Friday week we’re running a deal every single day this week started yesterday yesterday we had a phenomenal deal today we have a phenomenal deal tomorrow we have a phenomenal deal all leading up to the big day black friday and through the weekend and then of course topping it off cyber monday next week so definitely get over to the site if you have it already but let’s start talking a little bit about how you’re about to win a free bag if you haven’t been to ask fit mark live before or any one of our shows that we’ve been doing for how long would be no this year I’ve been the line has been just a few months but we’ve been doing a spit mark for over a year ask him mark we’ve been doing for over a year it’s been fun we’re going to continue to do it because we love giving away free bags we love seeing the questions we have a plethora of questions that come to us and we want to start asking them now in the comments below a hashtag ask fit mark you can ask about our bags you can ask about what’s happening in the future with fit mark you can ask about lifestyle sports fitness health anything that your heart desires you get personal if you really want to those are sometimes the fun ones but right now we’re going to ask some questions you’re going to answer some questions from a from last week’s show in the meantime again go ahead and I tagged a couple friends this is a new one I actually wanted to do it this morning I want you to tag two of your friends two of the homies tagum right now in the comments let them know we’re doing this show why because I want to do extra extra extra love today I’m going to give it I want to give it in in many forms a sprinkling bags on everybody different ways one is if your question gets answer to is by sharing the video right now if you share the video you’re going to get put into the pool of those that we choose for just sharing and then the third one this is the big one why not because it is Black Friday week so let’s take it to the house we are going to choose one winner from those who tagged two of the friends and all three of those friends are going to win a free back it’s that simple so tag two of your friends let them know that asked fit mark is live right now even if they see this later it’s very possible that they could be chosen along with yourself but right now let’s get into last week’s question and then we will get into today’s questions Angela Velasco what bag does your wife use good question she still rocks the 2012 sport tote Nader’s isn’t that’s like one of your favorite that’s that’s the sports out the original Sporto hands down he says he says hands down hands down original sport toe you had two leather every word with the leather touches I mean nobody was doing that nobody was doing that it was a beautiful bag and we’ve done the iterations on it we have horse have our current current sport tote but she has the original from 2012 phenomena question thank you you have won a free bag Hunter Polly where do you find your clothing style I know sometimes I make fun of it myself I don’t really have one I go to a few stores that I appreciate and enjoy going to keep it simple like I try to do with the rest of my life maybe you do the same I keep it to one to three stores I kind of know the people I know what I’m going in to get I’m sure you understand that sentiment so thanks hunter uh I appreciate the question Nicole Willis what’s your favorite superhero that’s a good one uh you know I don’t think you could go wrong with Superman Superman is my answer for you Nicole thank you so much you three have one free bag and now we’re going to be given away bags to everybody who’s watching who’s going to ask a question if your question gets picked you win a free bag don’t forget also i’m going to log in here and see who’s out there don’t forget also share the video right now share with your friends so that you can get entered in to win a free bag as well because Hector goes ahead and and chooses one person who just shares the video while we’re live again some comments that people can’t tag until after the video so that’s fine if you can tag them after video we’ll pick a winner that’s a good one didn’t know that if you can’t tag right now while it’s live that’s a good one uh you’ll be able to as soon as we are done here so go ahead and tag a couple friends uh when this video is done and we’ll go ahead and choose one lucky winner which of course means all three of you yourself and the two people that you tagged will be a winner if you are chosen and we’ll let them know through the comments right which we can post post the show so i’ll let you know in the comments section a Hector goes ahead and he notifies you hopefully it’s going to be you and your two friends so let me get into maybe you have one while I log in here oh let’s see let me go back to me okay some people I didn’t want to know what thank you aren’t you just gonna log in on about the bags behind you it’s a gin hide what bags are those behind you alright gang here shared was it as bad you know Thomas thanks everybody for coming in I love it just got i just logged in how many books have fit in there steven scott Lindsey Daniel the bags you have the shield in midnight just they have the Envoy backpack in midnight these are two exclusive colorways we only have a limited number of them for the holiday so you’ll want to check that out and then at the cruiser that is your roller bag it has our movable meal prep system inside there’s nothing like it on the market why because we innovate we’re first to do most everything Justin Ribeiro will you be incorporating licensed superheroes into future designs it’s a really good question Justin I will just say that we have a lot of great things to come 2017 is going to be a big big time and that may include some opportunities to wow you even more so than hopefully we’ve been able to do the last few years so great question appreciate it very much congratulations you want a free bag we got a question here from Instagram got some Instagram questions coming in from sa marshmallow any thoughts on baby bags for all the fit moms out there what was it from sa marshmallow sa marshmallow I like it I do it but what was it any thoughts on baby bags for all the fit moms out there baby bags you could check out the Masons bag it’s the first of from what we know also that we innovated a diaper bag has a an actual fold fold folding cushion for the baby I that you that is removable it also of course has our patented meal prep system that is removable so check that out there may be some more styles to come some really good questions go ahead um Christina Johnson what type of ice packs do you insulate the bags I’ve had a bad experience not once but twice with another brand dice pack busted soaked in my bag leaving them leaving a bad smell we get that question every so often because we get people who come to us all the time uh because they’re looking for a better option when it comes to not just sport bags but of course our biggest category which our meal prep bags and of course with our meal prep bags as you may know they do come with ice packs we have the highest quality ice packs on the market how do we know that because we don’t have any returns for our ice packs I would say what less than 0.01 percent we’ve had an issue um that’s because we know that it’s not necessarily just about the bags that we designed and and we manufacture but it’s also the accessories I mean we’re big we’re begging our accessories you know we just expanded our line but everything from the the ice packs to the meal containers or even to our dispensers they got to be of high quality because you use those just as much as you use the bags so I’m glad you asked the question congratulations now you’re going to get hooked up with not just some sick ice packs but also great bad um so Susanna is about Willie Oh Lindsay Jen thank you for all coming Doug I see everybody go ahead and share this video don’t forget you’ll get grouped in to some people who might be chosen to win a free bag just for sharing the video it is Black Friday as i mentioned day two we have our sport backpack on the website it’s free I’m not joking it’s free with purchase today check out the details at fit more bags com if you haven’t already we see a ton of orders of course already come in since we announced that this morning but it expires we show the black it expires and at midnight tonight so if you didn’t already see this on the site it’s free today with purchase for day 2 of black friday it expires tonight at midnight uh gia Patricia do you have your phone case for sale with the fitmark bags canada logo I actually I’m lucky enough somebody from the office got it for me um I probably I probably would have had the same generic went on there but they’re they’re nice enough to get me a phone case but no we don’t sell those maybe we’ll think about that in the future that is a great question so uh a lot going on I noted before about tagging to friends it looks like you can only tag once this live video is over so as soon as it’s over go ahead and tag two friends because we’re going to choose that one lucky winner just for doing so which means all three of those people will win a free bag including those that we have already chosen today as well as those who have shared this video we will also choose one lucky winner keep asking questions we will get to those or some of them on the next show which I promise you will be within one week uh I want you to have a phenomenal week it’s only Tuesday get in the gym eat healthy kiss a loved one smile and if I don’t talk to you have a phenomenal thanksgiving I’ll see you next time

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