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Askfitmark LIVE 11/17/16

yes we’re doing another show just like we did last week we said that we’re going to go super strong this month as well as next month why because we got a ton of holidays coming up not just black friday at the end of this month yeah thanksgiving but we also go into december which we know is holiday time lots of shopping happening our site gets blown up uh like it does now but almost on triple time for november december yesterday shoutout to everybody who was on the site yesterday had an unbelievable day lots and lots of bags were being sold to our fans and customers we love you for that possibly because we were hooking everybody up and still are today we’re throwing in one of our dispensers with all of the orders today so let’s get started with the show so you get a little idea what’s happening ask any question in the comments below hashtag ask fit mark if your question gets answered you win a free bag we’ll get a hold of you after this show like we always do will tell you which bag you’re going to get hooked up with we got a lot going on in here uh let’s also make sure you go ahead and share this video last week we had I don’t know 400 500 shares alone why because it’s an easy way for you to possibly get chosen to be able to pick a bag of your choice yes if you share the video while we’re going live you are going to get automatically entered you don’t even have to ask a question you just get automatically entered to possibly win a free bag and that one of your choice so go ahead and share this live video now we’re going to get into few questions from the past show which again was last week we’re going to answer those and then we’re going to go directly into the questions that are being asked right now now don’t forget that if you ask questions right now and your question doesn’t get picked don’t worry why it’s simple because next week we’re going to go ahead and do another show and we’re going to choose three of those questions three of the questions from today’s show so you may just be a winner so go ahead keep asking those questions don’t worry if it doesn’t get picked today we might have some love for you on the next show Marjorie Lucas oh my god those bento boxes are sick are they going to be stackable and easy to fit in other meal prep bags like the box and the shield phenomenal question she is referencing the bento boxes that we are coming out with and they’ll be available for pre-order in a couple weeks and start shipping by the middle of next month yes we’re first to do a lot of things in the meal prep bag category one of which is our accessories which were known for the high quality and durability of our accessories specifically our meal containers which many of you know we offer our 16-ounce all for lock system bpa-free dishwasher safe microwave safe but they’re the toughest meal prep containers on the market all bags and our meal prep bad category of course come with the 32 ounce these are the bad boys but we definitely added our 16 ounce which are on the site and then coming to you with the phenomenal bento boxes two different designs here’s one has three sections one of which is a removable bull type for salad dressings you can put some soups in here and then of course we have a second bento a design that is a little bit different it’s got five sections within it same quality nothing like it on the market and of course we are first to offer this in the meal prep bag category going into whether or not they are stackable the answer is absolutely so I’m going to take the shield as a for instance and i’m going to move our center divider out of the way and i’m going to show you that this now goes in like so i’ve got the second one close this bad boy up like so so great question glad you asked they’ll be available in a couple weeks and we will get into the second question Jennifer Cap’n what’s the best time of day to work out any time any time I’m a believer that you should get your workout in morning afternoon night whatever suits you we all have things that we’re going to be doing during the day could be work could be family you got to organize the schedule to make sure you fit in the most important piece of the day which is your work out what kind of work out any work out see the theme there any time any work out I don’t care if you do CrossFit you pump iron you do Zumba you go to Barry’s bootcamp whatever you like is what you should be doing because a fit body is a fit mind so good question Stacey Bauer is there free shipping if you order over a hundred dollars worth of bags at the same time no why because it’s free shipping for $75 or more so we hope that you’re excited that we won up that point and that is that us uh- what is in Hawaii and Alaska yeah okay free shipping $75 or more many of you take advantage of that and even if you did again for us the flat rate is only six dollars so let’s do some housekeeping before we get your questions right now again keep asking questions in the comments below they can be about anything hashtag ask fit mark i’m gonna choose a few of them shortly also don’t forget to share the video right now if you share the video one lucky winner is going to get chosen just for sharing so go ahead and share the video don’t forget that we’re doing our November giveaway at our site at fit more bags dot-com backslash perfect giveaway can you see that yep we hooked up with our friends at perfect shaker to not only give away four of our bags but the whole roster of shakers that they have uh with the weather they got Batman and Hulk and Superman the whole plethora of shakers from perfect shaker linked up with our four bags is going to go to a lucky winner maybe even a lucky winner to go to fit more bags dot-com backslash perfect fit giveaway let’s get into some questions from today’s show let’s get this thing going here sure Hector do we have some stuff coming in this thing riled up here we gotta marry Hargrove with veterans day this week are you going to do something for our military that’s a good question uh veterans day is Friday I will make sure that something is done we already have a discount of life a lot we do get questions about military armed forces fire police EMTs we have a specific code for anyone who is up who is active or was active in any of those so please email us at info at fit mark bags calm we will make sure to give you that exclusive code Brian Dillingham how would you stack up these bags against the competitors I have been through three six pack and the liner’s always rip and I think these look superior well that’s simple you’re right we are known for the quality and durability of our bags our complete line behind that of course is the fact that we stand behind our bag so our guarantee it is is above and beyond any other guarantee that’s in the meal prep pad category you can check out our site you can check out our Facebook page please go ahead and take a look at the comments and and and points made from customers and and fans of hours that have our bags and the experiences that they have with our customer experience team so it’s a good question there’s nothing like ours on the on the planet and we don’t believe that there’s anybody even close to us so great question hey Audrey hey Kim hey Karen a curse da Jennifer a Justin keep them all coming um Luke pounder bless you gut says it might be a cold going on in here okay we got a lot of water we’re gonna have to get get going in here Luke powder what are you most thankful for it’s a good question Luke I’m thankful that I’m standing right here delivering the ask fitmark live show to you because I’m here I’m right here Mike should not be thankful for that so I hope you understand my sentiment and I hope you ride with that as well thank you for the question congratulations these are way better than yes they are thank you what are your favorite of the James Marjorie we love these questions keep them coming and don’t forget I’m just going to ask answer another one right now but please go ahead not only and share this video while we’re going right now but keep asking the questions when I’m done with the show because I’m going to choose another three on next week’s show um lots of good stuff in here Michelle Ronnie what’s up Ronnie mewborn maybe maybe maybe thanks for liking and sharing you make any camo bags we do actually the shield comes in camo is LG or is it just regular later regular that the shield which as you know comes with three 32 ounce meal meal containers comes with the two ice packs and it comes with your dispenser which has three sections for dispenser lgo smexy v2 no no algae algae comes a both they both cambria thought who’s this guy in here who is this guy hey buddy LG the shield has the LGI in camo as well so well good question we appreciate it very much go ahead and check that out on our website again we really appreciate nice you’re what you’re welcome running stay out buddy go ahead and keep asking questions go ahead and keep sharing the video I’m going to see you next week hopefully you love what we’re doing here again we’re trying to really push these as many times as possible as we go into the holidays because we know there’s nothing like giving uh during these couple months and that’s what we love to do so I hope you have a foot in a week I hope you are at the gym or at your place of fitness I hope you’re eating healthy I hope you are loving life until then see you soon.


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