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hey everyone mark Samuel Monday November 14th ask fit mark life is going on right now so give you a couple minutes to get on here get your questions going I hope you had a phenomenal weekend hope you got outside or maybe you were indoors all weekend maybe for raining or a little cold outside hope you stayed healthy got your workouts in hung out with some loved ones as you know we’re with ask fit mark live we just simply ask you to ask some questions in the comments below hashtag ask fit mark and if your question gets answered you win a free bag we’ve had multiple shows over the last few weeks that’s on purpose it’s because we got the holidays coming up and there’s no better way than to give that by giving a free bag to you so I hope that you win today or on the past show or maybe in the future because leading up to the holidays Black Friday going into December Hanukkah Christmas Kwanzaa we got it all we’re going to be doing these shows every single week in hopes that you get hooked up with a free bag don’t forget to share this video as we’re going live and even post this show because if you are if you’re sharing this post you automatically get entered in to win a free bag yes simply by hitting that share button it’s that simple so again here are the rules of ask fit mark they’re quite simple get the questions going if your question gets answered you win a free bag also don’t forget that if your question does not get answered during this show it’s very possible it gets answered on the next show just like we’re about to do now to get this one off and poppy in we go ahead and answer a few questions from the previous show so that means we’re going to do the same on the next show so even when this show is completed continue to ask the questions because it’s very possible that you become a winner so let’s get into a few questions from the past show go ahead don’t forget to keep sharing this video with your friends and family maybe they get hooked up and pass down that beautiful bag to you for giving them some love mark Zerbe what’s up mark with so many new container selections will you let us select which boxes we get when we order a new bag that’s a good question that would be a tough one so for right now the containers the meal prep containers that we have selected for each bag are already are already chosen but it may be a good idea for the future that we of course will look into because we love getting feedback we bring it to the team we all talk about it and then we hopefully apply some of that magic on our future on our future bag selections the containers the meal containers he’s talking about of course is the announcement that we are the first to bring out a bento style box yep just like this those will be on pre order in the next couple weeks start shipping in December here is the second version of it comes with a removable bowl which is pretty sweet put your salad dressings in here maybe your mixed nuts or a little bit of soup why soup because it’s cold out and you’re going to get a little soup in there so got that of course our 16-ounce meal prep containers are in and shipping and then of course the bad boys which we’ve always had our 32 ounce and course everything has our four locked seal type system they’re bpa-free dishwasher safe microwave safe and some questions which we always get freezer safe pop them in there don’t worry they’ll be okay Abby Ortiz will you have both bento boxes sold in a set yes Ben Tozer that Abby’s talking about will be sold in a set of two so that is a great question and congratulations mark and heavy let’s get into another Betty Melton are you planning any black friday specials you know it we’re gonna start Black Friday Monday what’s my day the 21st yep 21st Monday the 21st we start black friday so we’re going to have a new deal every single day of the week including black friday and saturday and sunday so we’re going to call it black friday weekly specials every single day there’s going to be something new that we’re gonna hook you up with could be a free bag could be free set of meal prep containers could be a ridiculous discount could be free shipping with no minimums we’re about to get real creative there so check in every single day however don’t forget to shop today or any other day leading up because you’ll see on the website I think we put a link up there you I’m sure you’ve been to the site make sure you check out the site this week we’ve got something being offered even this week leading up to black friday maybe there’s a free gift in there you got to check it out uh let’s do another one James bra-less what’s your favorite post-workout snack I probably have the same post workout shake for the last 15 years however I’ve recently switched over maybe you’ve got it too I’m sure everybody tries a new protein mix uh but I’ve recent he switched to a plant-based protein shake actually currently taking a brand called Vega uh I’ve noticed that it makes me feel a lot better so nothing against way or milk based proteins I still eat a bar every so often that’s a way or milk-based however for me I’ve noticed that a plant-based protein makes me feel a lot better sharper faster a little little bit more settling on the stomach so I mix up my Vega protein powder with some orange juice take that bad boy in and that has been my post-workout snack for many many years let’s do another uh another another one that wants to know what’s my favorite protein bar brand you know uh I do eat protein bars I’m sure you do too um I can eat uh I can eat a quest bar um usually can’t eat a whole thing there’s a few things in the ingredients that that’s not to settling for me so I definitely will eat a half a quest for every so often I like DS naturals he’s using a a plant-based protein I think those are awesome I’ve been eating those recently um but I usually like to stick to a real foods if I possibly can so I do definitely get those those snacks in as you know we launched i won organics which is the organic plant based protein chip so as you can imagine especially even here in this office I eat those possibly daily uh so that is a good question congratulations uh let’s do another and then we’ll get into the questions that you’re asking now don’t forget ask any question in the comments below we’re about to get into those right now hashtag ask fit mark you can ask anything could be about fitness it could be about our brand fit mark it could be about life it could be about what we did last week what we did today what we’re doing tomorrow and how we’re living life to the fullest which I hope you’re doing uh Sheena Lucas what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food or dessert that you and your family make every year I’d say the easy go to answer is going to be turkey we also eat ham you can’t go wrong with either one I enjoy them both I hope you guys are going to also have a fantastic thanksgiving on the next week already coming up next week no so great questions Thank You Sheena everybody who’s on the show right now don’t forget to hit the share button I’m gonna go peek in the comments right now while we’re getting this going let’s see what questions we have being delivered think sometimes takes a second let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see so we got a courtney shea she wants to know how many bags come in the new Midnight’s limited edition how many how many bags or what bags come in the midnight limited edition oh that’s a good question um what’s your name Courtney Courtney shane courtney shea congratulations good question the midnight is going to be is actually available now right shipping right now if a limited number uh we have the shield as well as the Envoy backpack so you’ll definitely want to check that out on the website again we put the link up there yep if you haven’t seen it yet here we go let’s get me there let’s see oh there we go I can hear myself oh thank you for all the questions uh Stefan matt james star tram up and I see you later Darlene um you ever anything for us feeling is with her family are you gonna have a read us to fill with gifts for a family Rep Jennifer Assad you gotta have a red asked fit more bad for us to feel with gifts for our family right we have read plenty of red bags I agree with the holidays coming nothing wrong with having the red auctions like to look at this thank you so much Lynn baby brother ha jeez you give me that question what is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving yeah Matt menos are you gonna have give packs for Christmas there’s going to be gifts being offered on the site you may even see them today so get over to the site if you haven’t already but the theme at fit mark this entire holiday is giving back not just the fact that of course we have our 14 100 program which everybody knows us for with regards to us donating backpacks to two kids in the community for back bags being purchase on our website but we are going to be hooking up all of our fans and customers like we normally do but on a whole other level it’s already starting now on the website and it’s going to be going through a black friday and all the way through the holidays into late December so whether or not it’s going to be an exclusive one time discount and or a gift that we’re going to be offering you you’re going to want to check that out I want to actually maybe show something here you can wait right there all right for instance you may see this on the site this week you may also get an email about it in the next day or so so if you’re not subscribed to the emails you should get on there now why because it’s very possible that we’re going to be giving these away with specific orders this week in the next few days so subscribe to our emails because that’s where you’re going to get the information um let’s get into a couple more questions I like this 18 i Samuel I Jan Tony uh thank you appreciate it christina tosh what are some organizations you get back to good question we mainly focus on boys and girls club we are and have been donating thousands of backpacks to to those specific cities that have boys & girls clubs and we are going to continue to we definitely also fill a lot of different requests with different types of organizations that that we feel are doing the right thing in their community so we appreciate all the love all the questions as I noted don’t stop asking because we’re going to be getting into a lot more on the next show so go ahead and lastly share this video we’ll get into some more questions on another show we hope to see you the next time for ask fit mark live

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